Types of Wood Flooring

Types of Wood Used to Make Hardwood Flooring

Types of Wood Flooring

Types of Wood Flooring 800 533 Roberto

Congratulations! You’ve decided to install hardwood floors and learn about the types of wood flooring available for your home or office! This is a great decision that will benefit you for years to come! Hardwood floors are durable, easy to maintain, and add a sophistication and elegance to any room.

Now that you have decided to install hardwood in your home, which hardwood is best for you?

There are various types of wood that are used to make wooden flooring. Depending on the look you are going for will determine the wood you decide to use.

Red Oak

The most common wood used for hardwood floors is oak. Oak is extremely durable and comes in many hues and colors. Red oak is the most common. It usually has a slight pink or red hue to it and is warm and inviting. Red oak has strong grain lines and swirls that will add dimension to your floor. Red oak is strong and durable and will match most wooden accents in your home, such as railings, bannisters, and stair treads.

White Oak

White oak is another option of oak flooring. White oak is darker than red oak and contains more brown and green hues. It is a bit harder than red oak and is more resistant to dents. White oak provides a smooth, sleek elegance to any room and is good for high traffic areas.


Another popular wood used in hardwood floors is maple. Maple is another durable hardwood with a fine grain giving a floor a sleek look and can be sanded to a magnificent smoothness. Maple is a light wood with tan, cream and beige hues. Some maple contains a reddish tint. Maple flooring will fit any style of home, such as classic traditional to sleek modern.


Although slightly softer than oak or maple, cherry wood is often used in flooring because of its richness and warmth. Cherry wood ranges in hues from deep red to a dark brown. And, this wood becomes darker with age, especially in direct sunlight. The beautiful grain pattern and warm hint of red make this type of wood floor a spectacular visual delight.

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Walnut is a great option for hardwood flooring. It is extremely durable, extremely dense and resistant to chipping and damage. It is also more water resistant than other woods and mopping this type of wood will not warp or damage it. Brazilian Walnut wood has unique and interesting grain patterns and makes for a visually appealing floor.


Hickory is also an extremely durable flooring option and should be used in high traffic areas. Hickory wood tends to be lighter than other woods and reflects natural light making a room feel homey and warm. The shades and hues in hickory vary immensely and can differ from plank to plank. Hickory is a great wood for a rustic country feel.

At Tri Point Flooring, we are experts in all types of hardwood flooring and will help you select the wood floor that is right for you. Our qualified design team and knowledgeable installers will help you design the perfect floor for any room in your home. Let us help you make your flooring dreams come true.

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