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Trending Wood Floor Colors for 2021

Trending Wood Floor Colors for 2021 1980 826 Roberto

Believe it or not, color trends influence the hardwood flooring industry as much as any other sector of construction or interior design. For hardwood flooring, you can expect lighter wood floor colors in 2021. These lighter shades appear more beachy and white-washed, providing a sophisticated, yet casual basis for the rest of your interior design. If you prefer warmer tones, have no fear, however. There are warm wood stain colors in these latest trends, as well.

Below is an exploration of the most popular wood floor colors for 2021 and the coming years. These wood floor colors include:

  • Blonde

  • Whitewashed

  • Honey-copper

  • Gray

  • Greige

Blonde Hardwood Flooring

Many homeowners are looking for a light and airy feeling to their living spaces. As a result, there are more options on the market for light wood floor colors. Blonde hardwood flooring offers the benefits of being timeless and suited to an endless range of decorating possibilities along with the light feeling.

Blonde hardwood flooring enables you to decorate in contemporary styling or a rustic and cozy scheme. This versatility is just one reason why blonde works so well for many designers and homebuyers. Blonde wood floor colors work very well with cooler tones. This means that people choosing gray and blue interior design palettes find blonde appealing. This color choice for your floors also makes rooms feel airier and larger, particularly when the tones are paired with large planks of bamboo, white oak, ash and maple.

Will blonde wood floor colors last beyond 2021?

Blonde wood flooring is expected to remain popular for many years to come. Odds are that it will still be in vogue when you are ready to refinish your floors after some everyday wear and tear.

Whitewashed Wood Floor Colors

Whitewashed hardwood flooring is a trend straight from the West Coast. But this California vibe suits a range of interior schemes, such as in farmhouse style, beachy environments and upscale contemporary homes. Whitewashed hardwood flooring looks particularly great in kitchens.

However, today’s whitewashed is not simply painted white flooring. Instead of a smooth finish, these floors show areas of dark wood for a multi-dimensional and slightly weathered look. Using whitewashed hardwood flooring makes your home appear larger, brighter and more inviting for relaxation.

Will whitewashed wood floor colors last beyond 2021?

The life span of whitewashed hardwood flooring is very here-and-now. But it will not endure for as many years as blonde wood, for example. You can expect some regions to embrace the styling for a longer period of time than others, such as in rural and beachy areas.

Honey-Copper Wood Floor Colors

Honey-copper hardwood flooring is just a bit darker than blonde wood floor colors. But this on-trend style for 2021 provides the greater warmth and richness that many people seek. Still, using honey-copper flooring makes your home appear open and larger. In many ways, these medium tones make a great compromise between dark and light wood floor colors.

Will honey-copper hardwood flooring stay in style beyond 2021?

The expectation of most builders and designers is for honey-copper wood floor colors to stay on trend for a very long time. Other trends will certainly come and go, but honey wood will endure for decades as a classic.

Gray Wood Floor Colors

Gray hardwood flooring has blown up in popularity over the last 10 years. This color has been the top color of choice for floors, walls, and other aspects of interior design. Gray is a great cool, contemporary neutral with a chic vibe. It works well with virtually any other décor color. You can accent your gray floor color with aquas, blues, greens, yellows, reds, blacks or whites.

Will gray wood floor colors stick around beyond 2021?

Gray hardwood flooring has become a style staple in the home building and interior design industries. We do not expect that to change for many years to come. In fact, it should endure until you are ready to replace your current hardwood flooring.

Greige Hardwood Flooring

If there is a big floor color trend in 2021, it is greige hardwood flooring. Greige, the mix of gray, brown, and beige, has recently burst onto the home design scene. In fact, this color choice complements a broad range of colors and styles. You can choose greige hardwood flooring for a minimalist, modern, country, or boldly colored interior palette. Greige is both luxurious and open.

Will greige wood floor colors last beyond 2021?

Greige is a new trend in hardwood flooring. This gives it another decade of interest in the home construction and interior design industry. It suits the simplicity of in-home styling that many people seek today.

How to Choose the Right Wood Flooring Color

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Installing hardwood floors is an investment in the value of your home. A big part of getting your money’s worth and improving your real estate value is choosing the best wood flooring color. So, how do you choose the right shade and what do you need to consider?

Two Key Factors To Keep In Mind When Deciding Which Wood Flooring Color Is Right For Your Home

Two key factors play a major role in determining the finished \]wood flooring color. Those are the wood grain and the chosen finish or stain. The wood grain is a characteristic of your chosen type of wood.

To select a finish or stain, begin by considering the colors that seem most attractive to you at first. You want to choose a color that works well with your design scheme and other treatments in your decor, such as cabinetry. After you choose a color, look into finishes and how those affect the final look.

Consider Undertones

Most interior designers advise against red and orange wood finishes. These appear dated in most settings. But you can still create a sense of warmth through the wood flooring color by using warm gray. Today, gray is on trend and not as heavy as reds or orange tones of yesteryear. Gray also works well with many decor themes.

Your own style is actually more important than current trends, however. You want wood flooring color that helps you feel joyful when you walk in your front door. After all, the floor is the biggest element in your room. What colors, furnishings, accessories and floor treatments you use all work together to determine how your room looks and feels.

Consider Easy Care and Longevity

If you want to color your wood flooring according to trends, try to learn more about emerging trends, not current ones. Current trends will date your home and provide people who see it with an idea of what year you refinished or installed your floors. Talk to hardwood flooring experts to get on the leading edge of the next trends. This buys more time before your floors look dated.

Consider colors or styles that provide easy care, including the right wood flooring color. You can age your home through the application of a trend, but you can also age it by using materials that quickly wear out. Choose wood stains, finishes, and colors that will hold up well over time. It’s essential to talk to the experts about how much ongoing care the floors will require.

For example, an active family of multiple young children likely does not want to choose a light wood stain on walnut floors. This wood wears out quickly and lighter stains show more wear. The combination means you will be spending extra time on an ongoing basis caring for your floors and trying to prevent damage. A better choice of wood for a multi-child household is European Oak, as it can handle high traffic.

Test Your Stain Before Applying It at Large

For existing floors, you should apply test swatches of stains and finishes before completing the rest of the floor. How colors look in your home differs from how they look in a well-lit store environment. You need to see how the color works with other elements of your room, such as wall colors, furnishings and cabinetry.

Do not ever accept the color of a particular stain on a store swatch as being how it will look on your floors at home. Remember that your type of wood flooring causes the color to appear unique, when compared to another type of wood with the same stain applied. For example, pine stained with a color looks very different from redwood stained by the same color.

Should I paint my floors?

Painted floors are certainly on-trend now. If your wood flooring color shows decades of wear and tear, painting them can help conceal this damage. As well as provide a fresh look. Generally, painting your floor works well in beach or rustic decor. But it can also provide very elegant appeal in an upscale home.

The key to painting your wooden flooring is using floor or deck paint, not wall or exterior house paint. This type of paint withstands daily wear and tear that floors receive. If you choose to paint, consider that white paint seems between boards and in tiny cracks. So you cannot reverse this color once completed. It has to be a permanent decision.

Who are the experts for helping me decide which hardwood flooring color to select?

When refinishing your wood floors or seeking installation of new flooring, turn to the experts of Wake County in Cary, North Carolina. The experts of Tri Point Flooring know the ins and outs of all types of hardwoods, colors, stains and finishes. We can help you make the best decisions for your flooring and your lifestyle. Call us at 919-771-7542 for estimates and the advice you need for the hardwood flooring color of your dreams.

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