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We specialize in hardwood floors, fast hardwood floor installation and beautiful hardwood floor refinishing. Our process is easy from start to finish. Guaranteed.

Hardwood Floor Services by Tri Point Flooring are worry-free and dependable.

Adding hardwood floors is not a DIY project. You need to hire an experienced professional like Tri Point Flooring because we are the real deal when it comes to hardwood floor services. We are experts in all aspects of hardwood floors. We would be happy to quote your next hardwood floor project.

Hire us and have an elevated customer experience like no other in our area. We are easy to work with and are very trust worthy. All of our hardwood quotes are easy to read, detailed and in most cases sent same day.

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Types of Wood Flooring

Learn more about the different types of wood flooring products we install

Hardwood Floors Simplified in 4 Easy Steps:

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Tri Point Flooring will complete your hardwood flooring project:

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Colors To Match Any Decor

Wood Flooring Stain Colors

We want all our refinishing customers to feel confident and know the stain color they select for their hardwood flooring is the perfect color for their space. What better way to do that then to be able to view the color and sheen in the space?!

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Choose Wood Flooring
Choose Wood Flooring • Details to Help You Decide 999 665 Roberto

Choose Wood Flooring • Details to Help You Decide

When you need to choose wood flooring for your home, it is easy to lose yourself in the number of options. You also have multiple considerations to think about, depending on each room’s traffic and use. Below, we look at the five most popular wood…

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4 Approaches To Refresh Your Hardwood Floors
4 Approaches To Refresh Your Hardwood Floors 1000 682 Roberto

4 Approaches To Refresh Your Hardwood Floors

Are your hardwood floors looking dull and scuffed? These signs of everyday use are bound to occur in even the tidiest of households. In fact, you likely enjoy having hardwoods because of their durability and how they stand up to decades of foot traffic. But…

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Are Hardwood Floors Energy Efficient?
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Are Hardwood Floors Energy Efficient?

If there is one reliable fact in this world, it is that the costs of energy will only keep rising. Homeowners certainly know this fact well as prices have risen significantly in the past 20 years and will keep doing so. Which is why it…

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Types of Subfloor Required for Hardwood Flooring 1800 1200 Roberto

Types of Subfloor Required for Hardwood Flooring

Most people do not think about their subfloor when considering new hardwood flooring. But this foundation for your hardwoods is one of the most important parts of your installation. It is the part that lies under hardwood flooring and out of view. But it provides…

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