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Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Cary, NC?

The average price for hardwood floor refinishing in Cary, NC tends to run between $5 – $8 per square foot.

If the cost of refinishing your hardwood floors leads you to consider a do-it-yourself project, please think about the process carefully. Hardwood floor refinishing can be a long and messy project without the proper tools and experience.

Many factors can go into the cost of hardwood floor refinishing. The type of wood floor you have can often make a difference since some woods are harder to work with than others.

Other factors that may affect price include the size and shape of the room. Damaged boards that require extra attention or plank replacement will add time and costs.

Dustless sanding must be done in sequence to maintain a smooth and flat floor surface. Without the proper equipment, sanding can also send dust throughout your home. Thus, leading to a big cleanup when you have finished. And the entire process typically takes a us three to five days to complete a hardwood floor refinish job.

Why Consider Hardwood Refinishing in Cary, NC?

Hardwood refinishing is more than just a process—it’s a transformative journey that can breathe new life into your living space. At Tri Point Flooring, we understand the myriad reasons homeowners choose to embark on this path.

Restoring Timeless Beauty

Over time, hardwood floors may lose their luster due to wear and tear, scratches, and fading. Refinishing is the key to restoring the timeless beauty that drew you to hardwood in the first place. Tri Point Flooring specializes in bringing out the innate elegance of your hardwood floors, ensuring that they shine with a renewed brilliance.

Addressing Wear and Tear

Daily life can take a toll on your hardwood floors. The wear and tear from foot traffic, furniture movement, and other activities may lead to visible signs of distress. Tri Point Flooring recognizes the significance of addressing these issues through refinishing, offering a solution that not only repairs the damage but also enhances the overall durability of your hardwood floors.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond restoration, refinishing allows you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hardwood floors. Whether you desire a darker stain for a cozy ambiance or a lighter finish to create a sense of spaciousness, Tri Point Flooring provides a range of stain and finish options. Our experts work closely with clients to achieve the desired look that complements their unique style and vision.

Extending the Lifespan

Hardwood floors are an investment, and refinishing is a strategic move to protect and extend that investment. Tri Point Flooring’s refinishing process involves expert evaluation and assessment, ensuring that your floors receive the care they need to withstand the test of time. By choosing refinishing, you’re not just restoring your floors; you’re prolonging their lifespan and enjoying enduring beauty for years to come.

Improving Home Value

The condition of your hardwood floors can significantly impact the overall value of your home. Refinishing is a cost-effective way to enhance your property’s resale value. Tri Point Flooring recognizes the importance of maintaining well-refinished hardwood floors as an attractive feature for potential buyers. Whether you’re considering selling or simply want to boost your home’s value, our refinishing services contribute to a positive return on investment.

Offering the best hardwood floor refinishing experience in the Triangle. We use industry leading sanding techniques, our end results are flat out better. Great work and Great communication makes us the best hardwood floor contractor for sanding and refinishing in all of Cary, Apex and Raleigh, NC.


When Should you Sand & Refinish?

Many of our customers wonder when to get their hardwood floors refinished. There are multiple tell-tale signs that refinishing is necessary. These signs include:

  • More than 10 years since last sanding
  • Visible nicks and scratches that penetrate beyond the topcoat
  • Discoloration
  • Moisture damage and or cupping
  • Existing finish is worn down to the bare wood

Obviously flooring in high traffic areas is subject to more wear and tear and will likely require refinishing sooner than wood flooring that rarely has any traffic at all.

Additionally, if your floors have been exposed to high humidity, water damage, sun damage, or major scratches you may choose to repair and refinish sooner. In which case, it is time to refinish. We recommend using Bona Traffic HD to delay the need to refinish again.

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors allows you to Change the Stain Color.

Another reason for refinishing wood floors is to change the stain color or sheen. Once the old finish has been removed, the possibilities for stain colors are seemingly limitless. Select from one of the premade colors from Bona or DuraSeal, or opt for a fully custom stain color.

Tri Point Flooring offers all customers the opportunity to preview their three favorite stain colors in their space on their floor. Choosing the perfect hardwood floor stain color and or top sheen can be a difficult decision. What better way to help you make that decision than an in-home live preview?

Prolong the Life of
Hardwood Floors

Sometimes you may be able to forego a major refinishing job by simply recoating your wood floor. If your hardwood floor begins to lose its luster and appear dull, it is time for a buff and recoat service. This process involves adding one new topcoat of protective finish. Doing so will immediately rejuvenate the look of your flooring. And even more importantly, it will also protect it and prolong its life. Ultimately delaying the need for major sanding and refinishing until years later.

All flooring breaks down over time. There are however many factors that speed the process. Such as:

  • Not using furniture pads
  • Sliding furniture around
  • High traffic
  • Not sweeping frequently
  • High heels
  • Pet nails snd urine
  • Not cleaning up spills immediately
  • Heavy sunlight exposure
  • Using the wrong cleaning products

All things considered, expect to refinish hardwood floors on average every 10 years.

Can All Types of Wood Flooring be Refinished?

Yes! Solid hardwood is 3/4” thick and has enough meat on the bone to refinish multiple times. These floors can often be sanded and refinished as many as 6-8 times. When refinishing your hardwood floor we only remove 1/16-1/8″ during the sanding process.

Yes! Although, engineered hardwood is much thinner than solid wood it too can be refinished 1-3 times depending on thickness of wear layer.

No! Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring cannot be refinished because it is not made of real wood at all. However, some LVP flooring can be recoated. Doing this can help extend the longevity of your LVP floor that has simply lost its luster.

How is Hardwood Flooring Refinished?

Before refinishing your hardwood floors, repairs are made such as replacing wood planks, and the floor is thoroughly cleaned. Floors with extensive damage such as deep scratches, water damage, or staining will need more prep work and repair. The more preparation your floor needs, the more costly the total refinishing job will be.

The next step in refinishing your hardwood floor is to remove the shoe molding and sand. We use dustless sanding equipment. Dustless sanding minimizes the mess and captures the majority of dust. It may be a good idea to close off the room being sanded with plastic sheeting to contain whatever minimal dust escapes the dustless sanding system.

We apply one coat of oil based stain. Followed by three coats of either water or oil based finish. You will need to be careful with your newly finished hardwood floor, waiting at least 24 hours before walking on it and 72 hours before replacing furniture. Never drag furniture, always lift and set in place.

How Should I Care for My Hardwood Flooring?

Taking good care of hardwoods will lengthen the time between refinishing projects. For the best results:

  • Do a simple sweep or vacuum periodically, at least in high traffic areas. Something as simple as small bits of grit or debris can act like sandpaper on the bottom of your shoe. It’s a great idea to use a doormat.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals on your hardwood floor. Refer to your hardwood manufacturer’s recommendations for products to clean with, or ask us for a free Bona cleaning kit.
  • Try to avoid getting your floor excessively wet or damp. Using a microfiber mop is recommended by Bona, the industry leader in hardwood floor care.
  • Never use a steam mop or traditional mop as this will add excessive moisture causing your floor to cup.

Hardwood Floor Refinishers You Can Trust

At Tri Point Flooring, we enjoy helping local residents attain the beautiful floors they dream of, see our recent customer reviews.We provide expert hardwood refinishing service throughout the Triangle in Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and nearby surrounding areas. Contact us today at (919) 771-7542 or fill out our contact form for your FREE in-home estimate.

Choosing the Right Time for Refinishing

Frequency of Refinishing
Understanding the frequency of refinishing is crucial for maintaining the longevity and beauty of your hardwood floors. At Tri Point Flooring, we recognize that the need varies based on several factors. Factors such as foot traffic, the type of finish used, and the overall wear and tear your floors experience play a role in coming to a decision.

Tri Point Flooring provides valuable insights into the frequency of refinishing, offering guidance on when to consider this process for optimal results. Our experts assess the condition of your hardwood floors, taking into account visible signs of wear, scratches, and fading. By considering these factors, we help homeowners plan for maintenance that aligns precisely with the unique characteristics of their floors.

Whether you have recently installed hardwood floors or are looking to refresh existing ones, Tri Point Flooring’s expertise ensures that refinishing is performed with precision, providing your floors with the care they need to look stunning for years to come.

Seasonal Considerations

The timing of hardwood refinishing can impact the overall success of the process, and Tri Point Flooring understands the importance of seasonal considerations. Seasons can affect factors such as temperature and humidity, which play a role in the refinishing outcome. Choosing the right season ensures optimal conditions for the application of stains and finishes, allowing for efficient drying and curing.

Tri Point Flooring guides homeowners through seasonal considerations, helping them choose the optimal time based on climate conditions. Our experts take into account the unique climate of your region, ensuring a successful and efficient process. By aligning with the right season, Tri Point Flooring maximizes the longevity and beauty of your hardwood floors, providing you with results that exceed expectations.

Cost Considerations

Estimating Refinishing Costs

Understanding the financial aspects of refinishing is a crucial step in planning for the restoration of your hardwood floors. At Tri Point Flooring, we prioritize transparency, and this extends to providing insights into estimating refinishing costs. Several factors contribute to the overall cost, and our team is here to guide you through this process.

  • Size of the Space: The size of the space to be refinished is a fundamental factor in determining the overall cost. Larger areas require more materials, labor, and time. Tri Point Flooring takes precise measurements to provide accurate estimates, ensuring that you have a realistic understanding of the investment required for your specific project.
  • Extent of Damage: The extent of damage to your hardwood floors directly influences the refinishing process and, consequently, the associated costs. Tri Point Flooring conducts a thorough evaluation to assess the condition of your floors. Whether it’s addressing minor scratches or dealing with more extensive wear, our experts tailor the refinishing approach to meet the unique needs of your hardwood.
  • Selected Finishes: The finishes you choose play a significant role in determining the final cost of refinishing. Tri Point Flooring offers a variety of finishes, each with its own characteristics and price points. Whether you opt for a traditional glossy finish or a matte finish for a modern touch, our team provides detailed information on the costs associated with different finish options.

Our commitment to transparent cost estimation ensures that there are no hidden surprises along the way. Tri Point Flooring believes in open communication, and our experts are ready to discuss and break down the refinishing costs, allowing you to make informed decisions aligned with your budget.

Return on Investment

Refinishing your hardwood floors is not merely an expense; it’s a strategic investment in the overall value of your home. Tri Point Flooring recognizes the long-term benefits that refinishing brings to your living space, extending beyond mere aesthetics. This section delves into the concept of return on investment (ROI) associated with hardwood refinishing, highlighting the enduring impact it has on your home.

In conclusion, the cost considerations associated with hardwood refinishing are not merely about the immediate expenses but also about the long-term benefits. Tri Point Flooring’s transparent approach, coupled with a focus on return on investment, ensures that your decision to refinish your hardwood floors is a well-informed investment in the beauty, durability, and value of your home.


How often should hardwood floors be refinished?

Maintaining the beauty and integrity of hardwood floors is crucial for their longevity. Tri Point Flooring recommends having your floor refinished regularly to prevent wear and tear. Our team provides clients with expert advice on routine care, such as proper cleaning methods and the use of protective measures. By following our guidance, homeowners can extend the lifespan of their hardwood floors and delay the need for extensive interventions.

Can I change the color of my hardwood floors without having them refinished?

Changing the color of your hardwood floors without having them refinished is challenging. Tri Point Flooring advises against attempting such alterations without professional help. Our experts can guide you through the process of selecting the right stain during refinishing to achieve the desired color. Trust Tripoint Flooring for professional advice on color changes that align with your vision and maintain the health of your hardwood floors.

What can be done about scratches and dents on hardwood floors?
Scratches and dents are common concerns for hardwood floors. Tri Point Flooring understands the impact of daily wear and tear and offers solutions beyond having them refinished traditionally. Depending on the severity, our experts may recommend spot repairs or localized treatments to address specific issues. Trust Tri Point Flooring to provide tailored solutions that ensure your hardwood floors remain beautiful and resilient.

How do I protect my hardwood floors during home renovations?

Home renovations pose a potential risk to hardwood floors, but Tri Point Flooring provides guidance on protecting them. Our experts advise on precautionary measures, such as using protective coverings and strategic removal and reinstallation. By partnering with Tri PHardwood Flooring Cary NCHardwood Flooring Raleigh NCHardwood Flooring Cary NCHomeHardwood Flooring Apex NCoint Flooring during renovations, clients can safeguard their hardwood floors and ensure they emerge unscathed and ready to shine once the project is complete.

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