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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Many factors can go into the cost of hardwood floor refinishing. The type of wood floor you have can often make a difference since some woods are harder to work with than others.

Other factors that may affect price include the size and shape of the room. Damaged boards that require extra attention or plank replacement will add time and costs.

The average price for hardwood floor refinishing tends to run between $4 – $8 per square foot.

If the cost of refinishing your hardwood floors leads you to consider a do-it-yourself project, please think about the process carefully. Hardwood floor refinishing can be a long and messy project without the proper tools and experience.

Dustless sanding must be done in sequence to maintain a smooth and flat floor surface. Without the proper equipment, sanding can also send dust throughout your home. Thus, leading to a big cleanup when you have finished. And the entire process typically takes a us three to five days to complete a hardwood floor refinish job.

Offering the best hardwood floor refinishing experience in the Triangle. We use industry leading sanding techniques, our end results are flat out better. Great work and Great communication makes us the best hardwood floor contractor for sanding and refinishing in all of Cary, Apex and Raleigh, NC.

When Should you Sand & Refinish?

Many of our customers wonder when to get their hardwood floors refinished. There are multiple tell-tale signs that refinishing is necessary. These signs include:

  • More than 10 years since last sanding
  • Visible nicks and scratches that penetrate beyond the topcoat
  • Discoloration
  • Moisture damage and or cupping
  • Existing finish is worn down to the bare wood

Obviously flooring in high traffic areas is subject to more wear and tear and will likely require refinishing sooner than wood flooring that rarely has any traffic at all.

Additionally, if your floors have been exposed to high humidity, water damage, sun damage, or major scratches you may choose to repair and refinish sooner. In which case, it is time to refinish. We recommend using Bona Traffic HD to delay the need to refinish again.

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors allows you to Change the Stain Color.

Another reason for refinishing wood floors is to change the stain color or sheen. Once the old finish has been removed, the possibilities for stain colors are seemingly limitless. Select from one of the premade colors from Bona or DuraSeal, or opt for a fully custom stain color.

Tri Point Flooring offers all customers the opportunity to preview their three favorite stain colors in their space on their floor. Choosing the perfect hardwood floor stain color and or top sheen can be a difficult decision. What better way to help you make that decision than an in-home live preview?

Prolong the Life of
Hardwood Floors

Sometimes you may be able to forego a major refinishing job by simply recoating your wood floor. If your hardwood floor begins to lose its luster and appear dull, it is time for a buff and recoat service. This process involves adding one new topcoat of protective finish. Doing so will immediately rejuvenate the look of your flooring. And even more importantly, it will also protect it and prolong its life. Ultimately delaying the need for major sanding and refinishing until years later.

All flooring breaks down over time. There are however many factors that speed the process. Such as:

  • Not using furniture pads
  • Sliding furniture around
  • High traffic
  • Not sweeping frequently
  • High heels
  • Pet nails snd urine
  • Not cleaning up spills immediately
  • Heavy sunlight exposure
  • Using the wrong cleaning products

All things considered, expect to refinish hardwood floors on average every 10 years.

Can All Types of Wood Flooring be Refinished?

Yes! Solid hardwood is 3/4” thick and has enough meat on the bone to refinish multiple times. These floors can often be sanded and refinished as many as 6-8 times. When refinishing your hardwood floor we only remove 1/16-1/8″ during the sanding process.

Yes! Although, engineered hardwood is much thinner than solid wood it too can be refinished 1-3 times depending on thickness of wear layer.

No! Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring cannot be refinished because it is not made of real wood at all. However, some LVP flooring can be recoated. Doing this can help extend the longevity of your LVP floor that has simply lost its luster.

How is Hardwood Flooring Refinished?

Before refinishing your hardwood floors, repairs are made such as replacing wood planks, and the floor is thoroughly cleaned. Floors with extensive damage such as deep scratches, water damage, or staining will need more prep work and repair. The more preparation your floor needs, the more costly the total refinishing job will be.

The next step in refinishing your hardwood floor is to remove the shoe molding and sand. We use dustless sanding equipment. Dustless sanding minimizes the mess and captures the majority of dust. It may be a good idea to close off the room being sanded with plastic sheeting to contain whatever minimal dust escapes the dustless sanding system.

We apply one coat of oil based stain. Followed by three coats of either water or oil based finish. You will need to be careful with your newly finished hardwood floor, waiting at least 24 hours before walking on it and 72 hours before replacing furniture. Never drag furniture, always lift and set in place.

How Should I Care for My Hardwood Flooring?

Taking good care of hardwoods will lengthen the time between refinishing projects. For the best results:

  • Do a simple sweep or vacuum periodically, at least in high traffic areas. Something as simple as small bits of grit or debris can act like sandpaper on the bottom of your shoe. It’s a great idea to use a doormat.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals on your hardwood floor. Refer to your hardwood manufacturer’s recommendations for products to clean with, or ask us for a free Bona cleaning kit.
  • Try to avoid getting your floor excessively wet or damp. Using a microfiber mop is recommended by Bona, the industry leader in hardwood floor care.
  • Never use a steam mop or traditional mop as this will add excessive moisture causing your floor to cup.

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