Buff & Restore Wood Floors

A hardwood floor buff and recoat will restore existing hardwood flooring with an additional wear layer and remove slight imperfections.

This process removes the visible scratches and abrasions from everyday wear and tear seen on the surface of your wood floors. The hardwood floor buff and recoat process not only restores wood but delays the need for complete sanding and refinishing for years while maintaining shine.

buff and recoat gym floors glossy finish

Shown above is a buff and recoat on a gym floor that we did in one day for the Muslim Mosque in Raleigh, NC. We used Bona Super Sport HD high gloss polyurethane.


Over time, the top wear layer of your hardwood floor’s protective surface is lost by the wear and tear of daily living. To maintain the life of your floor it’s important to periodically apply a new finish layer that restores its luster and protects its beauty.

  • Removes Dirt & Grime
  • Fills In Surface Scratches
  • Restores Sheen & Luster Of Wood
  • Creates A Fresh Protective Wear Layer

This restorative process is an excellent way to preserve the beauty of your hardwood floors for many years to come.

Whether you have prefinished hardwood or site finished, we can apply a satin top coat, semi-gloss or a high gloss polyurethane.

All the top coats we use during the buff and redcoat process will adhere to all hardwood flooring. This does include prefinished hardwood, as well as engineered hardwood floors.

It’s an economical alternative to preserving both solid and engineered hardwood floors. But don’t wait too long before recoating your hardwood floors. Why, because if you are seeing discoloration already, the buff and recoat process will not fix discoloration.

Our Restoration Process:

Buff & Recoat w/ Fine Grit Paper

Remove Dirt, Dust, Minor surface scratches & Residue
Thoroughly vacuum Wood Flooring & Tack
Refortifies & Protects Newly Restored Hardwood Flooring

Buff and Recoat FAQs:

  • No. You don’t need to worry about sanding too much of the wood’s surface away. We only buff (not sand) with a fine grit sandpaper to remove minor surface scratches out of the top layer. Once the floor is buffed and clean we then apply a new topcoat that makes beautiful floors look like new again.

  • 2-4 hours for water base and 8-10 hours for oil base polyurethane.

    A traditional hardwood refinishing can take a week or more to complete. For most wood floors, buffing and recoating takes just one day.

  • No, water based finishes are odor-less and quick drying. You will just need to stay off of the areas being worked on.

  • Prior to receiving Tri Point Flooring’s buff and restore services it is the customer’s responsibility to move all their furniture from the hardwood flooring being restored. Tri Point Flooring contractors do not charge to move furniture because they do not move furniture.

Understanding Buff and Recoat

When it comes to revitalizing the beauty of your hardwood floors, understanding the process of Buff and Recoat is key. This service offers a transformative solution without the extensive measures of refinishing. Essentially, Buff and Recoat involves a meticulous yet light sanding of the surface, strategically removing imperfections like minor scratches and scuffs. Following this, a fresh coat of finish is applied, rejuvenating the appearance of your hardwood floors.

The beauty of Buff and Recoat lies in its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Unlike refinishing, which involves stripping down to bare wood, this method focuses on addressing surface-level wear and tear. It’s a practical approach that breathes new life into your floors, making them look refreshed and vibrant without the disruption of a more extensive renovation.

When is Buff and Recoat Needed?

Understanding the signs that indicate your hardwood floors could benefit from a Buff and Recoat is crucial for maintaining their longevity. If you notice minor scratches that have accumulated over time, or if your floors have lost some of their luster and appear dull, these are clear indications that Buff and Recoat might be the right solution.

High-traffic areas, where the wear is more pronounced, are often prime candidates for this service. Instead of waiting for your floors to show extensive damage, addressing these early signs can not only preserve their appearance but also extend their lifespan. Being proactive about Buff and Recoat ensures that your floors continue to be a source of pride in your home.

Benefits of Buff and Recoat

Choosing Buff and Recoat for your hardwood floors comes with a myriad of advantages. One of the most prominent benefits is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to the more extensive process of refinishing, Buff and Recoat provides a budget-friendly alternative, allowing you to revitalize your floors without breaking the bank.

Minimal disruption is another key advantage. Unlike refinishing, which may require you to vacate your home for an extended period, Buff and Recoat is a quicker process with less downtime. It’s a practical choice for homeowners who want to refresh their floors without major disturbances to their daily routines.

The ability to refresh the appearance of your floors without a full refinishing is perhaps the most significant benefit. Buff and Recoat addresses surface imperfections, leaving your floors looking as good as new. It’s a versatile solution that caters to the aesthetic needs of your hardwood floors without the need for a complete overhaul.

Preparation for Buff and Recoat

Before embarking on the Buff and Recoat journey, adequate preparation is essential. Moving furniture out of the designated area is the first step, ensuring that the entire floor surface is accessible for the service. Clearing the space not only facilitates the process but also prevents any potential damage to your belongings during the service.

Ensuring the floors are clean is equally vital. Dirt and debris can interfere with the Buff and Recoat process, affecting the quality of the finish. A thorough cleaning beforehand sets the stage for a smooth application of the new finish, enhancing the overall results.

Understanding the timeline for the Buff and Recoat process is also crucial for proper preparation. While it is a quicker alternative to refinishing, having a clear idea of how long the service will take allows you to plan accordingly. Proper preparation ensures a seamless and successful Buff and Recoat service, leaving your hardwood floors looking refreshed and renewed.

Choosing the Right Finish for Buff and Recoat

Selecting the right finish is a crucial aspect of the Buff and Recoat process. Different types of finishes offer varying aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements. Understanding your options, such as oil-based and water-based finishes, empowers you to make an informed decision aligned with your preferences and the needs of your space.

Oil-based finishes provide a warm, traditional appearance and tend to deepen the color of the wood. On the other hand, water-based finishes offer a clear, contemporary look with faster drying times. The choice between the two depends on your desired outcome, and this section guides you through the considerations to help you make the right decision for your hardwood floors.

Ensuring that the finish aligns with your aesthetic preferences is key to the success of Buff and Recoat. Whether you prefer a natural matte look or a glossy finish, understanding the impact of different finishes on the overall appearance of your floors ensures a satisfying outcome.

Impact of Buff and Recoat on Home Value

The impact of Buff and Recoat on the value of your home is noteworthy. Well-maintained hardwood floors significantly contribute to the overall appeal of a property. Potential buyers are often drawn to the timeless elegance and warmth that hardwood floors bring to a space, making it a valuable asset when considering the resale potential of your home.

Choosing Buff and Recoat is a strategic investment in your property. By preserving the condition and appearance of your hardwood floors, you enhance the market value of your home. It’s a cost-effective way to boost your property’s appeal, making it stand out in the competitive real estate market.

The positive impact on home value extends beyond the aesthetic. Hardwood floors that are well-maintained through services like Buff and Recoat are perceived as durable and long-lasting. This perception adds to the overall desirability of your home, potentially increasing its market value.

Buff and Recoat for Engineered Hardwood Floors

Understanding how Buff and Recoat applies to engineered hardwood floors is crucial for homeowners with this specific flooring type. Engineered hardwood has a top layer of real wood, making it suitable for Buff and Recoat under certain conditions.

This section delves into the considerations specific to engineered hardwood floors. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered floors have a limited number of times they can be sanded due to the thinner real wood layer. Understanding these limitations, along with the benefits of Buff and Recoat for engineered hardwood, ensures that you make informed decisions about maintaining the beauty of your floors.

Buff and Recoat for engineered hardwood is a practical solution to address surface-level wear and tear without compromising the integrity of the floor. It’s an opportunity to refresh the appearance of your engineered hardwood floors and extend their lifespan.

Buff and Recoat for High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas, whether in residential homes or commercial spaces, are often the first to show signs of wear and tear. Buff and Recoat proves to be an effective solution for addressing the specific challenges posed by these areas.

This section explores how Buff and Recoat can rejuvenate high-traffic areas, where the finish may wear down more quickly. From entranceways to living rooms and commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic, this service helps mitigate the effects of constant use.

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Buff and Recoat make it particularly suitable for high-traffic areas. Instead of waiting for extensive damage, addressing surface imperfections early on ensures that your floors maintain their beauty and durability, even in the busiest areas of your home or business.

Understanding how Buff and Recoat caters to high-traffic areas empowers homeowners and business owners alike to proactively care for their hardwood floors, preserving their appearance and functionality.


Buff and Recoat for Homes with Limited Downtime

For homeowners with busy schedules or those who simply want to minimize disruptions to their daily routines, Buff and Recoat offers a compelling solution. This section delves into how Buff and Recoat caters specifically to homes with limited downtime, ensuring a swift and efficient process that allows you to enjoy revitalized hardwood floors without prolonged disruptions.

The efficiency of Buff and Recoat lies in its focused approach. Unlike more extensive refinishing projects that might require you to vacate your home for an extended period, Buff and Recoat minimizes downtime. The process involves a light sanding to address surface imperfections, followed by the application of a fresh coat of finish. This targeted approach allows homeowners to resume normal activities in the space sooner, making it an ideal choice for those with limited time to spare.

Whether you’re a professional with a hectic schedule or a family juggling various commitments, Buff and Recoat ensures that the process of refreshing your hardwood floors aligns with your timeframe. This section provides insights into how this efficient service can be seamlessly integrated into homes with limited downtime, allowing you to experience the benefits of revitalized floors without major interruptions.

Buff and Recoat for Homes with Unique Architecture

Homes with unique architectural elements possess a distinct charm, and preserving this uniqueness is crucial when considering a flooring revitalization process like Buffing and Recoating. This section explores the considerations for Buffing and Recoating when dealing with homes featuring distinctive architectural features, ensuring that the process is adapted to preserve the integrity of these design elements.

One of the challenges in homes with unique architecture is the presence of intricate details and unconventional layouts. Buffing and Recoating addresses this challenge by offering a tailored approach. The light sanding and recoating process can be adapted to work around intricate designs, ensuring that the essence of unique architectural elements is maintained. Whether your home features intricate moldings, patterned flooring, or other distinctive architectural details, Buffing and Recoating can enhance the beauty of your floors while preserving these elements.

This section also discusses the expertise required to navigate homes with unique architecture. Professionals skilled in Buffing and Recoating understand the importance of precision and adaptability, ensuring that the revitalization process complements the distinct features of your home. By exploring how Buffing and Recoating caters to homes with unique architecture, homeowners can confidently choose a solution that harmonizes with the individuality of their living spaces.

Buff and Recoat for Homes with Varied Wood Finishes

Homes often feature varied wood finishes in different areas, from light-colored woods in the living room to darker finishes in the kitchen or bedrooms. This service can be a versatile solution to maintain a cohesive appearance despite these variations. This section explores considerations for Buffing and Recoating when dealing with homes featuring varied wood finishes, ensuring that the process adapts to the diversity of finishes in various areas.

One of the key aspects of this service is its ability to refresh the appearance of hardwood floors without stripping away the existing finish entirely. This makes it particularly well-suited for homes with varied wood finishes. Whether you have oak floors in one area and walnut in another, this service can be adapted to each unique finish.

The section delves into how professionals assess the different finishes in your home and tailor the process accordingly. It’s essential to maintain a cohesive look throughout your home, and this service allows you to do so without the need for a complete refinishing project.

By exploring Buffing and Recoating for homes with varied wood finishes, homeowners gain insights into how this process can be a flexible and effective solution for maintaining the beauty of their hardwood floors, even in spaces with diverse wood finishes.

Buff and Recoat for Commercial Spaces

Hardwood floors in commercial settings face unique challenges due to constant foot traffic, making maintenance essential for upholding a professional and welcoming ambiance. This service emerges as a highly effective solution tailored to the demands of commercial spaces, providing a transformative process without the inconvenience associated with extensive renovations.

The process involves a meticulous approach, addressing surface imperfections and applying a fresh coat of finish to rejuvenate the appearance of hardwood floors. This specialized service is designed to efficiently cater to the needs of busy commercial environments, ensuring minimal downtime and allowing businesses to resume their regular operations promptly. Notably, this service offers a cost-effective maintenance solution, bypassing the need for more extensive refinishing projects and allowing businesses to uphold the aesthetic appeal of their hardwood floors within budgetary constraints.

Addressing high-traffic areas, seamlessly integrating with operational needs, and preserving the brand image and ambiance are key considerations explored in the comprehensive approach of Buff and Recoat for commercial spaces. By choosing this service, businesses can efficiently navigate the challenges of maintaining hardwood floors in high-traffic environments, ensuring a polished and professional look that positively impacts both employees and clients.

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