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Tri Point Flooring is the Highest Ranked & Most Dependable for hardwood floors in Apex NC, Hands down!

Tri Point Flooring provides stunning Hardwood Flooring in Apex, NC.  Dazzling our customers with high quality hardwood flooring products while providing an elevated customer experience. In fact, you can check out our online reviews to see how much our customers love what we do for them.

Contact us today for a free estimate on your next hardwood floor estimate. We look forward to adding you to our customer family.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Apex NC

Are your existing hardwoods looking dull and dingy? If your wood flooring is showing its age and in need of restoration, it is likely time for hardwood floor refinishing services.

The process to refinish wood floors involves first sanding down the outermost layer of the existing hardwood floor. Make sure to hire a professional hardwood floor contractor that uses dustless sanding equipment.

This specialty equipment will dramatically reduce dust particles. Once the floor is smooth and all the old floor top coat and stain have been removed, your choice of new floor stain is applied. The final step in refinishing is polyurethane application of Satin or Semi-Gloss.

white hardwood floor refinishing by Tri Point Flooring in Apex NC

Hardwood Floor Installation Apex NC

Hardwood flooring installation is an excellent investment into homes and businesses alike. Install quality wood flooring and it can easily last for decades if cared for properly.

It adds designer like elegance to any space and is actually surprisingly easy to care for.

There are many different types of hardwood flooring available. This includes solid hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring planks are constructed of one solid piece of wood and is available in either prefinished or unfinished.

Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed of several different layers of both real solid wood and also plywood. Engineered flooring boasts a higher moisture rating than solid. And in some cases will cost slightly less than solid wood.

Lastly, there is luxury vinyl plank flooring, also known as LVP flooring. This type of hardwood is moisture resistant. And some LVP is even waterproof and therefore can be laid in kitchens and bathrooms.

Tri Point Flooring provides expert hardwood flooring in Apex NC.  Our custom wood flooring installs include all types of custom designs including hardwood stair cases, flush mount wood air vents, borders and inlays, and more!

Highest Customer Satisfaction and Support in Apex

Tri Point Flooring has provided residents and commercial property owners with the highest quality of hardwood floors in Apex, NC since 2006.

You can expect to receive the same quality of service and support as our current and past customers, throughout the lifetime of your flooring.

Each year, we install, restore and maintain more than a half million square feet of residential and commercial hardwood flooring.

Our customers love the service we provide and we want you to feel great about your new hardwood floors. To learn more about how important customer satisfaction is to everyone at Tri Point Flooring, simply check out our online customer reviews.

prefinished hardwood floor install apex nc

Why Choose Hardwood Floors in Apex?

Why do so many Apex, North Carolina customers prefer hardwoods, engineered hardwoods and LVP flooring over other options available on the market today? The answers are simple and many. Reasons to choose hardwoods, engineered hardwoods or LVP flooring installation for your Apex, NC home or workplace include:

  • What better reason to upgrade to hardwoods or other floors offered by Tri Point Flooring, than how they look in your living or work space? Wood floors are elegant, warm and welcoming. They make your space look larger and more sophisticated, too.

  • Maintaining hardwood, engineered hardwood and LVP flooring is easy. You can sweep, dry mop or vacuum them as often as you like to remove accumulated dirt or debris.

    Thanks to the professional finish provided by Tri Point Flooring’s experts, you can choose the degree of shine you want for a mirror finish or a more understated, yet clean look.

    If you have pets, you can always breathe easier knowing pet dander is not a problem. Spills, traffic debris, dust mites and other residue comes up easily, too!

  • You have probably noticed that many of the historic homes in the Triangle Area have gorgeous hardwood floors from more than 100 years ago. These floors remain so beautiful and timeless because of the durability of wood. Hardwood floors, today’s engineered hardwoods and LVP flooring last for decades.

  • Most home buyers today specifically ask real estate agents to help them find a property with hardwood floors. Wood flooring adds value to your home, just as it does to commercial properties.

    Carpeting, tile or linoleum, on the other hand, frequently downgrade the look, appeal, value and marketability of a property.

  • Hardwood floors, engineered hardwoods and LVP flooring do not trap many of the allergens and asthma-inducing matter held by carpeting. Tile and other types of flooring also trap this debris in grout lines and decorative embossing.

    With Tri Point Flooring in your Apex, NC home or office, you can expect to breathe more easily. In fact, wood floors are sometimes necessary for asthma or allergy sufferers to enjoy a better quality of life.

  • Regardless of your interior design taste or decor theme, hardwoods suit your style. This versatile flooring goes well with most themes, including wall hangings, decorative accents, upholstery and furniture eras.

  • Because of the ease with which you can maintain them and their durability, you can expect your hardwoods or engineered hardwoods to last a long time.

    Although they require an upfront investment for installation or refinishing, these floors cost less to take care of, refinish and update than other types of floors.

    They prove cost-effective for your generation, your grandchildren or the next buyer of your property for decades to come.

We Have the Flooring Options Apex Customers Want

You can choose from the most common wood species or more obscure types to suit your individual taste. We routinely sell red oak and white oak.

Other species like maple, hickory and pine are special order. As you make your buying decisions, we provide key information about each wood’s attributes and how they suit particular lifestyles.

For example, families with young children and pets need more durable woods than empty nesters enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Commercial spaces require durable flooring for their heavy foot traffic, too.

We make Installation & Refinishing of Hardwood Floors in Apex Easy!

We would love to quote your next project for hardwood floors in Apex NC. Accurate quotes for solid hardwood, engineered hardwood or LVP flooring.

We can also provide quotes for wood staircases, wood handrails and wrought iron balusters. Simply call us at (919) 771-7542 today to schedule your hardwood flooring in Apex estimate.

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