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Hardwood Flooring Installation

Tri Point Flooring provides fast and professional hardwood flooring installation to all residents of Cary, Apex and Raleigh, NC. If you are looking for the best hardwood floor installers look no further. Call today to schedule your free in home estimate for hardwood floor installation.

Benefits of working with Tri Point Flooring for your hardwood flooring installation include:

  • Most hardwood flooring installation jobs can be completed in 1-3 days
  • We treat every home with respect and cleanup after every hardwood flooring installation
  • If we remove your old floor we will dispose of it
  • Our team is highly skilled and well trained
  • All of our hardwood flooring installation meet or exceed industry standards

How much does it cost to Install 1000sf of Hardwood Flooring?

The average labor cost for hardwood flooring installation in Apex, Cary and Raleigh NC is usually between $3 to $5 per square foot.

The cost for the flooring product (material cost) does carry the bulk of the load for the final project cost. Of course, material cost varies depending on the particular type of wood flooring whether solid, engineered or LVP.

As of early 2022, the average cost range for materials:

How much should I expect to pay for Hardwood Floors?

  • Solid Hardwood materials: $8 – $12sf
  • Engineered Hardwood flooring materials: $5 – $14sf
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring (aka LVP flooring): $3.50sf – $7sf

These are ball park material costs based on previous hardwood flooring installation. *Prices are determined individually per job requirements.

What many do not realize is that in the long run, hardwood flooring is actually incredibly cost effective. This is because the average lifespan of hardwood flooring is several decades. If one were to desire an alternate appearance for their wood floors, refinishing with a different stain color and sheen can provide it.

Install Wood Flooring – Start Today

It all begins with a phone call and a site visit. Once you know you want to install hardwood floors, give us a call and we will schedule a site visit to measure by the square foot. Your hardwood flooring installation quote will be clear and, in most cases, sent via email same day. I’m telling you that Hardwood Flooring Installation has never been so easy.

Our highly skilled floor installers are ready to get the job done quickly for you. Don’t be fooled by other flooring companies claiming to have the best hardwood floor installers like Tri Point Flooring. So, what makes us better than other flooring companies? Our products and services are literally on point. We always deliver beautiful hardwood flooring installation at a fair price. New hardwood is expensive and should only be trusted to the best flooring installers.

Wood Stair Case
& Handrails

In addition to hardwood flooring installation, we can also install new hardwood stair treads and handrails. Hardwood inlays and wood air vents offer even more customization options. Adding these details to your wood floor will add even more serene flow to the look and feel of spaces with hardwood throughout.

prefinished hardwood floor install apex nc

Fast Hardwood Floor Installation

It’s easy when you use the best hardwood company like Tri Point Flooring for site finished, prefinished or engineered hardwood floors. We will remove old flooring from living rooms, bedrooms or any room making the entire installation process easy for you.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Choosing hardwood flooring for your home or commercial space offers a range of benefits that make it a popular and enduring choice. Here are several compelling reasons why individuals often opt for hardwood flooring installation:

1. Timeless Aesthetic Appeal
Hardwood floors exude a timeless and natural beauty that complements a variety of interior styles. The warmth and character of real wood enhance the overall aesthetic of any space.

2. Durability and Longevity
Hardwood is known for its durability and longevity. When hardwood flooring installation is properly done, it can last for decades, making them a solid investment for the long term.

3. Versatility
Hardwood is versatile and can seamlessly fit into traditional, contemporary, or eclectic design schemes. Its adaptability allows it to remain relevant as interior design trends evolve.

4. Increases Property Value
Homes with hardwood flooring installation often have higher resale values. Potential buyers appreciate the aesthetic appeal, durability, and timeless nature of hardwood, making it a desirable feature in real estate.

5. Ease of Maintenance
Hardwood floors are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional polishing keep them looking fresh, and unlike carpets, they don’t trap allergens or odors.

6. Healthy Indoor Air Quality
Unlike carpets that can harbor dust mites and other allergens, hardwood flooring installation can contribute to better indoor air quality. They are an excellent choice for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.

7. Increases Design Options
Hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of species, colors, and finishes. This diversity allows homeowners to choose the perfect wood type that complements their interior design vision.

8. Warmth and Comfort
Hardwood has natural insulating properties, providing warmth underfoot. This feature is especially appreciated during colder seasons, making hardwood flooring installation a comfortable flooring option.

9. Easy to Refinish
Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times, allowing you to refresh the surface and change the stain or finish to suit evolving style preferences.

10. Time-Efficient Installation
While the installation process requires professional expertise, hardwood flooring installation can be done more quickly than other flooring types. This minimizes disruption during home improvement projects.

Expert Hardwood Floor Installation

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Pre-Finished Hardwood Installation

If flooring is pre-finished, it is just as the name implies. It comes ready to install and upon installation the floor is complete. No sanding is involved. There are three types of hardwood flooring available as pre-finished hardwood flooring.

  • Engineered wood flooring is very stable and more resistant to higher moisture levels. Because it is constructed of multiple cross-layered wood ply core. It will allow you to go much wider in plank size if you desire. Engineered hardwoods can be installed with nails or glue on or above grade.

  • Each plank of solid wood flooring is milled from a single piece of timber into a uniform thickness, width, and shape. Board widths can vary from 2 1/4″ to 5″. We do not recommond installing solid hardwood wider than 5″ without glue and nails. The #1 most common species for this type of wood flooring is Oak. Followed by Walnut, Hickory, Maple, and lastly Cherry.

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is also frequently called LVP Flooring. It is designed to very closely resemble traditional wood flooring. Vinyl Plank Flooring visually mimics the look of real hardwood planks. However, it is constructed of vinyl.

Unfinished Hardwood Installation

Hardwood flooring that comes raw without color is referred to as site-finished hardwood.This type of flooring must first be acclimated and installed. Then, once conditions are correct, we sand, stain and finish the hardwood manually on site.

FREE In-Home Estimates and Fast Professional Hardwood Floor Installation

Tri Point Flooring offers a free in-home estimate for hardwood flooring installation within our local service areas. Contact Tri Point Flooring today at (919) 771-7542  or via our contact form for your FREE in-home estimate today.

Preparing for Hardwood Flooring Installation

1. Assessing Your Space
Before the exciting transformation of hardwood flooring installation begins, a thoughtful assessment of your space is paramount. Accurate measurements lay the groundwork for a seamless process. Understanding the nuances of your environment, such as evaluating moisture levels and identifying potential challenges, ensures a well-informed and successful hardwood flooring installation project.

2. Acclimating Hardwood
Unlock the secret to a resilient and enduring hardwood floor—acclimation. Delve into the significance of acclimating hardwood before hardwood flooring installation. This crucial step allows the wood to adapt to its new environment, promoting stability and minimizing the risk of issues down the road.

3. Subfloor Inspection
Embark on the journey to a flawless hardwood flooring installation by focusing on the foundation—the subfloor. A stable subfloor is the bedrock of quality, and a meticulous inspection is the first step. Dive into the details of subfloor inspection, gaining insights into its condition and understanding how to prepare it for the upcoming hardwood flooring installation process. Lay the groundwork for a beautiful and enduring hardwood floor.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

  • Gaps and Cupping in Hardwood Flooring Installation:
    Encountering gaps and cupping during hardwood flooring installation can be concerning, but understanding these common issues is the first step towards a solution. Gaps, visible spaces between hardwood planks, and cupping, where the edges of the boards are higher than the center, can be caused by fluctuations in humidity.
  • Buckling and Crowning in Hardwood Flooring Installation:
    Swiftly identifying and addressing issues like buckling and crowning in hardwood flooring installation is crucial for maintaining the long-term beauty of your floors. Buckling, where the floor lifts off the subfloor, and crowning, where the center of the board is higher than the edges, can result from moisture imbalances.
  • Squeaky Floors:
    Nothing detracts from the elegance of a hardwood floor like squeaks underfoot. Tripoint Flooring understands the importance of a stable and noise-free floor. We can help provide valuable tips on preventing and addressing squeaky floors during and after the hardwood flooring installation process. From proper subfloor preparation to using the right fasteners, we provide insights into the causes of squeaks and effective solutions for achieving a quiet and stable hardwood floor.

Finishing and Maintenance

Importance of Finishing in Hardwood Flooring Installation

The finishing touches in hardwood flooring installation are not merely aesthetic; they play a pivotal role in safeguarding the longevity and appeal of your investment. The importance of finishing cannot be overstated – it acts as a protective shield against daily wear and tear, moisture, and stains. Tripoint Flooring recognizes the significance of quality finishes, ensuring that your hardwood floors not only look stunning but also withstand the test of time. Our expert team is committed to guiding you through the selection of finishes that match your style while prioritizing durability and maintenance.

At Tripoint Flooring, we understand that the finishing stage is where the true beauty of your hardwood floors is revealed. Our commitment to quality ensures that each finish is applied with precision and care, contributing to the overall aesthetic and durability of your hardwood flooring installation.

Sanding Techniques for Hardwood Flooring Installation
Sanding is a delicate art in the realm of hardwood flooring installation, requiring expertise and finesse. Our skilled professionals employ methods that go beyond surface-level, ensuring a smooth, even canvas for the finishing touches. Trust Tripoint Flooring to bring years of experience to your project, employing the right tools and techniques to enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors during the installation process.

Tripoint Flooring’s commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of your hardwood flooring installation. Our expert team recognizes the importance of proper sanding, preparing your floors for the finishing stages that will bring out the inherent elegance of the wood.

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

The journey of hardwood flooring installation culminates in the crucial decision of choosing the right finish. Different finishes offer unique aesthetics and levels of protection, making this choice a key aspect of your flooring project. At Tripoint Flooring, we understand the diverse needs and preferences of our clients. Our experts guide you through the available finishes.

Tripoint Flooring’s commitment to client satisfaction goes hand in hand with helping you choose the finish that aligns with your lifestyle and design preferences. Our team ensures that your selection not only enhances the beauty of your hardwood floors but also provides the durability required for long-term enjoyment. Trust Tripoint Flooring to be your partner in making informed decisions for the perfect finish in your hardwood flooring installation.



How long does hardwood installation take?

Embarking on a hardwood flooring installation project is an exciting venture, and understanding the timeline is crucial for effective planning. Tripoint Flooring provides valuable insights into the typical duration of a hardwood installation project. Our experienced team considers various factors that can influence the timeline, including the size of the space, chosen installation method, and any additional preparations needed. Trust Tripoint Flooring to efficiently manage your project, ensuring a smooth and timely hardwood flooring installation that meets your expectations.

At Tripoint Flooring, we recognize that time is of the essence. Our commitment to transparency means that clients can rely on accurate estimates, allowing them to plan and enjoy their newly installed hardwood floors sooner.

Can hardwood be installed in bathrooms?

The question of installing hardwood flooring in bathrooms requires careful consideration of moisture and environmental factors. Tripoint Flooring understands the unique challenges that wet areas pose to hardwood floors. Our expert guidance goes beyond a simple yes or no. We provide comprehensive insights into the considerations and challenges associated with hardwood installation in bathrooms. Whether it’s selecting moisture-resistant wood or exploring alternative flooring options, Tripoint Flooring is committed to helping clients make informed decisions that align with their vision for a beautiful and functional bathroom.

Tripoint Flooring’s expertise ensures that clients receive guidance tailored to their specific needs. Our commitment to client satisfaction means you can trust us to provide honest and informed advice on whether hardwood is a suitable choice for your bathroom flooring project.

Can I install hardwood flooring in high-moisture areas like kitchens?

Installing hardwood flooring in high-moisture areas, such as kitchens, requires careful consideration. Tripoint Flooring understands the challenges posed by moisture and offers guidance on selecting suitable wood species and finishes. Our expertise ensures that clients make informed choices for hardwood installation in moisture-prone areas, resulting in both a beautiful and durable flooring solution.

What are the advantages of professional hardwood flooring installation?

Opting for professional hardwood flooring installation with Tripoint Flooring comes with numerous advantages. Our skilled professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of hardwood installation, ensuring precise measurements, proper acclimation, and meticulous attention to detail. Clients benefit from a hassle-free process, quicker completion, and a final result that reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship. Trust Tripoint Flooring to transform your space with a professional touch.

How can I prepare my space for hardwood flooring installation?

Preparing your space for hardwood flooring installation is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and successful project. Tripoint Flooring assists clients in assessing their space, understanding the importance of accurate measurements, evaluating moisture levels, and identifying potential challenges. Our team provides guidance on subfloor inspection and acclimating hardwood, laying the groundwork for a flawless installation. Trust Tripoint Flooring for expert advice and support in preparing your space for the transformative beauty of hardwood flooring.

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