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Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring installation is an excellent choice for just about any home or business. It brings a beautiful, high-end appearance to nearly any indoor space. Wood flooring is very strong and durable, requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean. There are so many different types of wood flooring to choose from. Tri Point Flooring assists you every step of the way. 
The gallery below is a hardwood floor installation in Apex, NC by Tri Point Flooring. The flooring pictured is made by Lifecore. It is in the collection called Anew Oak and the beautiful, light camel color is called Gentling. It is pre-finished, engineered hardwood flooring with wider than average planks. The width of these planks is 7 1/2 inches.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Hardwood Floors?

The average labor cost for hardwood floor installation is usually between $3 to $5 per square foot. This cost estimate includes only the labor portion of the installation cost. The price of the flooring product (materials) carries the bulk of the load for the final cost of hardwood floor installation. 

Pre-finished hardwood flooring cost ranges for solid, engineered and LVP flooring materials vary. As of early 2022, average cost ranges are:
  • The average cost range for solid hardwood materials is typically between $6-$10 per square foot. 

  • Average range of engineered hardwood flooring materials is typically between $5-$8 per square foot. 

  • The average cost range for vinyl plank flooring (LVP flooring) is usually between $3-$7 per square foot.
Expert Hardwood Floor Installation

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What many do not realize is that in the long run, hardwood flooring is actually incredibly cost effective. This is because the average lifespan of hardwood flooring is several decades. If one were to desire an alternate appearance for their wood floors, refinishing with a different stain color and sheen can provide it. Hardwood flooring can be installed on staircases. Hardwood inlays offer even more customization options. Flush, wooden air vents add even more serene flow to the look and feel of spaces with hardwood throughout.
What is Pre-Finished Hardwood?
If flooring is pre-finished, it is just as the name implies. It comes ready to install and upon installation the floor complete. There are three types of hardwood flooring available as pre-finished hardwood flooring.
What is Unfinished Hardwood?
Hardwood flooring that comes in a bare, natural and unfinished state is referred to as site-finished hardwood. This type of wood flooring must first be installed and then upon completion of the installation, the flooring is stained and then sealed. Nearly all site-finished hardwood is solid hardwood. 
Benefits of Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Despite what may first seem to be a serious inconvenience, the finishing process, site-finished flooring offers many benefits. These floors do not feature beveled edges. This means you do not have edges collecting dirt or dust. Sanding as part of installation also smooths the surface and eliminates all height differences between wood planks. This type of flooring also offers the widest array of options. Wood species, colors, grains and finishes are seemingly limitless with unfinished hardwood floor installation.

Unfinished hardwood floor installation options include the follow species of wood:

  • Red oak
  • White oak
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Brazilian cherry
  • Pine
Unfinished Red Oak Solid Wood Flooring Installation
Pictured above, a recent site-finished hardwood installation by Tri Point Flooring. This beautiful, solid Red Oak floor is stained with Bona stain color, Sand Dune and has a satin, Bona Traffic HD top coat.   

Hardwood and Subfloors 

Determining what composition of floor covering best suits the space is an excellent place to begin. Hardwood flooring installation may sometimes require subfloor preparation prior to install. This is because not all sub-flooring provides a suitable foundation for hardwood floors. For example, particle board does not hold nails well. This, in-turn can allow the hardwoods to loosen and shift. If your subfloor has particle board, we can remove this layer and install more plywood for structural integrity and decades of stability. 

We install all wood flooring according to the National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) specifications. This includes ensuring a 3/4-inch minimum subfloor when joists are 16 inches on-center. Although removing particle board and adding plywood increases the cost of your solid wood flooring, this service is key for ensuring the stability of your new floors.

As an alternative, you can choose engineered hardwood flooring or floating luxury vinyl planks to work with your present particle board subfloor. This can save you thousands of dollars and certainly depends on your floor design goals.

Clearing Floors for Hardwood Floor Installation

One of the biggest steps in your new floor installation is removal of all of your existing furniture and belongings from the spaces in which we will work. Unfortunately, this is a requirement before our installers arrive for the pre-set appointment. By doing this, you enable us to get to work immediately and finish your job efficiently.

We understand that some pieces of furniture are particularly heavy or cumbersome. Our installers cannot move all of your furnishings, but we can help with one or two pieces. Another option is moving furniture around our installation work, shifting it from room to room instead of outside of the house or commercial space. We must advise that furniture moving can delay installation and our projected completion date. Additional costs can apply for second floor installations.

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Tri Point Flooring offers a free in-home estimate for installation of hardwood floors within our local service areas. Our dedicated and experienced crews work with flooring purchased through us or on your own. Contact Tri Point Flooring today at (919) 771-7542  or via our contact form for your FREE in-home estimate today.
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