Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

All wood flooring that is complete upon completion of installation, is prefinished hardwood flooring. This can include engineered, solid, as well as vinyl plank flooring. Because of the composition of LVP flooring, it is only available as pre-finished. Nearly all engineered wood flooring is also only available pre-finished.

Solid hardwood flooring however, can be purchased pre-finished, meaning application of wood stain and top sheen coat is complete from the manufacturer. Solid hardwood can also be purchased unfinished. Once this type of wood flooring has been installed, it is then sanded over completely. Which is what gives site-finished hardwood floors the  unmistakable quality of being totally smooth with no gaps between planks, no beveled edges, just perfectly smooth across all planks. Once it has been sanded, stain can be applied. Then finally, a top coat or top sheen coat is applied to protect the wood and stain. Site finished solid hardwood flooring is typically always the least cost effective type of wood flooring. This is because of all the additional labor involved in the initial installation process.

Types, Sizes and Grades of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished hardwood flooring is available in multiple types, sizes and grades.

Sizes include:

  • Traditional 2-1/4″ strips
  • Plank flooring of 3″ or wider
  • Solid wide planks at 5″
  • Extra wide planks of 7-1/2″, 9″ and 12″
  • Wider planks as requested

Beyond plank width, you have even more options when it comes to your prefinished flooring. These include wire-brushed, handscraped and organic reactive finishes. You can also choose from select and common grades of wood.

Select and common wood grades include:

  • This grade of hardwood appears spotless and consistent for a luxurious finish without many knots or worm holes. If you want a flawless floor that does not show character marks, mineral streaks or other texture, this is the grade for your prefinished flooring.

  • Common Grade 1 prefinished hardwood flooring shows slight character through presence of some worm holes, knots and mineral streaks. For contemporary, traditional and casual decor, these floors provide on-trend and yet timelessly classic appeal.

  • Common grade 2 hardwoods feature even more worm holes, mineral streaks and knots for a hand-hewn and character-laden appearance to your floors. If the theme of your decor leans toward casual, industrial, mixed or rustic, this grade provides the natural and authentic appearance you will love.

Bedroom with Prefinished Solid Oak

Refinishing Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Many customers are surprised to learn that you can refinish solid prefinished hardwood flooring. In fact, you can sand 3/4″ hardwoods up to six or seven times. Although engineered hardwood floors can make great sense for many homes, those wanting solid hardwoods can enjoy prefinished flooring for many more years and through many decor changes.

Subfloor Requirements for Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Before deciding upon prefinished hardwood flooring and ordering your materials, consider having one of Tri Point Flooring’s professionals visit your home for a free, in-home estimate. During this visit, we help you make the right decision based upon multiple factors, including the type of subfloor in your home.

Solid hardwoods are appropriate over a plywood subfloor, whereas a concrete slab makes engineered hardwood a better choice. To use solid hardwoods on a concrete slab, installers must glue down the flooring, likely voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. This is a big consideration before choosing the flooring for multiple levels of your home. It is also not an industry-recommended approach, but a necessary one for stabilizing flooring that cannot be nailed down into concrete.

Common Myths of Wood Flooring

Prefinished wood flooring is surrounded by as many myths as on-site finished hardwoods. But most of these myths prove incorrect. We explore some myths and explain the reality of wood flooring, below:

  • Pre-finished wood flooring provides many benefits over other types of flooring, including engineered hardwoods. Of course, these benefits are according to individual preferences for home design and maintenance. When you weigh the costs of flooring types versus durability, wood floors come out on top. You can refinish your hardwoods up to six or seven times, extending their lifetime for multiple generations and saving money in the long run. To the contrary, other types of flooring must be replaced or looks outdated in five, 10 or 20 years.

  • This myth is simply untrue. Although you must avoid using water vinegar or steam cleaners on your beautiful hardwood flooring, you can easily clean them using hardwood floor cleaning solutions and a mop. Ongoing maintenance only requires minutes per week, just like vacuuming carpeting or sweeping and mopping other types of flooring.

  • Hardwood floors can withstand a substantial amount of pressure, being made from one of nature’s most miraculous gifts, wood. This means your new floors can take a lot of daily wear and tear. You can choose your finish based on the type of traffic in your home, too. If damage occurs, your friendly pros at Tri Point Flooring are happy to help you regain a like-new appearance by refinishing select areas or the entire floor when needed.

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