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Why Should You Consider Us for PreFinished Hardwood Flooring?

Because we carry all the top brands of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring like BruceArmstrongMullicanLifecore, Impressions & Triangulo Exotics 👍.  Already been shopping somewhere else? We will try to beat all competitors written quotes, just ask for Roberto. Roberto’s knowledge of hardwood flooring is extensive and he can help you achieve your hardwood floor goals and dreams. 😃 

Types of PreFinished Hardwood Flooring

So as you may already know, there are many types of prefinished hardwood flooring. Traditional prefinished hardwood flooring is your solid 2 1/4″ strip. You have plank hardwood flooring which is 3″ or wider. Gaining popularity is the wide plank 5″ solid prefinished hardwood flooring. Want something even wider than 5″? No problem! There are many options for extra wide plank in 7 1/2″, 9″, 12″ or even wider. And then, as if that wasn’t enough to choose from, you also have wire brushed, handscrapped and organic reactive prefinished hardwood flooring. 😊 

Can You Refinish PreFinished Hardwood Flooring?

Yes, 3/4″ Solid Prefinished hardwood flooring can be sanded about 6-7 times. A typical 3mm engineered hardwood can be sanded about twice. So why would you even want an engineered hardwood? Well, not all houses are constructed with crawl spaces and if your on a concrete slab you have no choice but to use an engineered hardwood. An engineered hardwood will out perform a solid hardwood when installed over a concrete slab. This is because concrete has a high moisture content and can damage a solid hardwood due to excessive moisture. 

✋ Before you Purchase PreFinished Hardwood Flooring

Before purchasing your hardwood material you should consider your subfloor first. You subfloor type will determine which type of hardwood to buy. If you’re on a crawl space with a plywood subfloor you can go either solid or engineered. If you’re on a concrete slab you should go with an engineered hardwood instead. There are instances were we can glue solid hardwood to a concrete subfloor. But I’m sure this would void the manufactures warranty as this technique is not suggested by the industry.

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Reasons Why Most People Fear Wood Flooring

  • The notion that wood flooring is costly deters most people from using it. As a result, they fail to experience the beauty that comes with wood flooring.
  • Others believe that once installed, they are hard to maintain. They think that wood floors are more difficult to clean and take more time than carpet floors.You can quickly clean wood floors using a mob. You just need to avoid water, vinegar, and steam cleaners.
  • Another thing that keeps people away from using wood flooring is the wrong belief that they easily scratch. To them, most of the other furniture in the house can damage prefinished hardwood flooring which is not true. However, wood flooring especially from hard wood is solid and can withstand a lot of pressure.
  • Wood floors are very effective in preserving heat in the house especially during winter.This is mainly because wood is a poor conductor of heat.However, most people believe that they don’t provide warmth hence fail to use this type of flooring.
  • Some people believe that wood floors can’t withstand the wear and tear caused by young children. Apply a couple coats of Bona Traffic HD and your covered for years.

Engineered Hardwoods

Engineered hardwood can either be a dry sawn face or sliced & rotary peeled. Although the two types are different, it is unfortunate that most people don’t know how to compare them.

More About Hardwood Flooring

It is more expensive to maintain sliced & rotary peeled than dry sawn face engineered hardwood. This cost becomes evident when there is need to tear them out after a few years. However, the reason why hardwoodis used is to ensure it stays there for a long time. The thicker the layer of the hardwood floor the longer it lives.

Dry Swan Face

The dry sawn face engineered hardwood is cut using saw blade. This wood resembles the common 3/4″ robust site finished hardwood. The heartwood and grain character are evenly mixed in this type of wood. They also have thick wear layers. This means you can remand this wood.

Sliced & Rotary Peeled

The knife blade is used to cut the sliced & rotary peeled engineered hardwood. Due to the cutting of this wood, it is quite difficult to get a unique board, especially during the manufacturing process. Repetitive grain patterns are typical in this wood. Thewood cannot be remanded hence it is cheaper than the dry sawn face engineered hardwood.

Select and Common Grades

Select Grade Hardwood

It does not have many knots and worn holes. Floors made of this wood are spotless and consistent. The wood is ideal for those who hate characters, mineral streaks, and worm holes in their homes

Common #1 Grade

This wood is characterized by worm holes, mineral streaks, and knots. If you are a person not after too much character, this wood is right for you.

Common #2 Grade

Worm holes, mineral streaks, and knots are standard in this wood. This wood is good for people who love floors with a lot character.

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