Popular Textured Wood Flooring for your Raleigh Area Home

Popular Textured Wood Flooring for your Raleigh Area Home

Popular Textured Wood Flooring for your Raleigh Area Home

Popular Textured Wood Flooring for your Raleigh Area Home 924 924 Roberto

If you are thinking about installing hardwood flooring in your home, you have many quality options to choose from including the latest designs, finishes, and colors. Obviously, the type of wood you choose will have the greatest impact on the look and feel of your rooms. Another option to consider is the texture of the wood floor planks. Textured wood is a popular choice that can further enhance the look of your home. Texture can add depth to your floor as well as adding a luxurious feel when you are walking barefoot on it. 

What is Textured Wood Flooring?

You may wonder what it means to have a textured wood floor. All wood starts out with a natural texture, but as it is transformed into flooring it is sanded into smooth wood strips or planks that are the same thickness. This smooth wood can be textured in several different ways, which can add depth and dimension to your floor. Most wooden flooring can be textured, including solid and engineered woods. Luxury vinyl plank, also known as LVP is also available with texture. Textured flooring doesn’t tend to show scratches as easily as a smooth wood floor can. Therefore, many busy families or homes with pets, prefer textured wooden planks.

There are several types of texture that can be added to wood flooring, including: 

  • Hand-scraped wood
  • Distressed wood
  • Wire-brushed wood


One of the most traditional surface textures is hand-scraped. Hand-scraping makes your new wood floors look distressed, aged, and weathered. Originally done by hand using a flat blade, modern hand-scraped boards are achieved using machines to mimic the look with less cost. 

A hand-scraped texture is perfect for a rustic, country, or historical design scheme. Despite the slightly worn appearance, these floors are popular and will remain highly stylish for decades to come. They feature knots, exposed wood grain, and scrapes to give the appearance of an older floor. Several woods work well with a hand-scraped texture including oak, pine, hickory, pecan, and walnut.


Distressed wood is another option when you want the old world character of historic hardwoods. With distressed hardwood floors, your entire home appears warmer and cozier. With this surface texture and finish option, you can expect visitors and guests to ask if you repurposed your planks from an older property, a very popular feature among homebuyers today. 

You can expect distressed floors to remain popular among interior designers and homebuyers for many years to come. Younger buyers, in particular, love this textured design aesthetic and seek it out when looking for their next property. Although it is a popular look, the distressed texture is not as widely saturated on the market as some other textured wood flooring. This means your home will have some instant credibility for “those floors” when compared to other available properties.


As with hand-scraping, a wire-brushed surface texture also provides a weathered appearance and more texture than smooth hardwoods. If you want wood flooring with more character, yet a beautifully finished appearance, wire-brushed hardwoods are a great fit.

This surface texture is typically created by scraping the wood planks with a hard wire brush prior to the application of the top finish coat that seals and helps to protect the wooden floor.

Wire-brushing adds a different dimension and unique character to floors, with a slightly more subdued look. Oak and Hickory lends itself well to wire-brushed wood flooring and is typically done with a matte finish.  A wire-brushed finish can hide scratches well. 

Textured Wood Flooring Costs

Choosing a texture for your wood flooring is usually more expensive than a simple smooth surface. Overall pricing will depend on the plank width and length, and whether you choose solid hardwood or engineered wood. Engineered wood is usually the least expensive choice, but there are premium texture options that can be more. 

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