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4 Approaches To Refresh Your Hardwood Floors

October 11, 2021

Are your hardwood floors looking dull and scuffed? These signs of everyday use are bound to occur in even the tidiest of households. In fact, you likely enjoy having hardwoods because of their durability and how they stand up to decades of foot traffic. But at some point in time, even the best maintained flooring needs a facelift. Below, we explore the best methods to refresh your hardwood floors and make them look newer again. 

Obviously, your best approach to make your hardwood floors look new longer is to properly maintain them from the start. When your hardwoods are installed or refinished by Tri Point Flooring, we are happy to provide tips for keeping your floors looking their best.

Refresh Your Hardwood Floors Via:

  • Thoroughly Cleaning
  • New Topcoat
  • Buff & Polish
  • Completely Sand Down & Refinish

Give Your Hardwood Flooring A Deep Cleaning

A thorough cleaning is one of the best ways to refresh your hardwood floors. To be thorough, such a cleaning involves removing all of the furniture and rugs from the room. Of course, you should never drag furniture or textiles across the floor. Doing so can scratch, scuff or dull your floor's finish. 

A good vacuuming will pick up loose dirt, dust and debris. After vacuuming, use a hardwood floor cleaner made specifically for floors like yours. It is important to note that damp mopping or wet mopping with water will damage your hardwood floor finish. Many people think that mopping is key to make your hardwood floors look new again. But instead, doing so adds a haze to the finish.

New Topcoat Could Be A Game Changer

When merely cleaning will no longer make your hardwood floors look new again, you need a better solution. Your next go-to method to refresh your hardwood floors is application of a fresh topcoat. Your Tri Point Flooring pros can quickly and easily provide a new finish for your hardwood floors to roll back time and make them look their best. 

If you feel the urge to DIY this project, you will have some work to do. First remove the floor finish using extra-fine steel wool. After sweeping away the residue, use a fine brush to apply a fresh finish. You need to also wipe away excess finish before allowing it to dry. Finally, after the finish dries, use a soft, lint-free cloth to buff and make your hardwood floors look new again. 

It is important to note that doing this work yourself can certainly refresh your hardwood floors. But if the flooring and its finish are under warranty, doing so on your own will void the policy. It is generally better to call upon the experts to do this work for you if you have recently installed hardwood floors or engineered hardwoods.  

Buff and Polish Technique to Refresh Your Hardwood Floors

If you want to try an easier and less laborious method to refresh your hardwood floors instead of replacing the finish, consider the buff and polish technique. You can choose to rent or buy your own buffer machine and buffing pads if you have many rooms of hardwoods and want to do-it-yourself. Or you can call upon the pros of Tri Point Flooring to do this work for you.

The first step in buffing hardwood floors is to thoroughly clean dirt, dust and debris from the surfaces. Even the tiniest of debris can scuff or scratch your floors during the buffing process. Before buffing, apply polish to small sections of the floor. Then work this polish in with the buffer in circular movements from one part of the room to the next. Again, if your hardwood floors are under factory warranty, doing the work yourself will void that coverage.

Sand and Refinish to Totally Refresh Your Hardwood Floors

If you want to totally turn back the hands of time on your hardwoods, sanding and refinishing will do the trick. You can even change the stain or finish as part of this process, for a whole new look. But this is not a DIY project. Most people need to hire the pros like those of Tri Point Flooring to do this work for them. 

If you want to refresh your hardwood floors, call upon the experts of Tri Point Flooring. Our pros can assess your wood surface and finish quality and determine which method can make your hardwood floors look new again. Call us at (919)771-7542 for appointment scheduling.

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