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Why Hardwood Floors
Why Hardwood Floors? 800 533 Roberto

Why Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are a great choice for nearly any indoor space. No matter what conditions it may face, technology has enabled us to create wood flooring that can withstand nearly any condition. Possibly the classic unfinished solid hardwood suites your fancy? Or maybe a more versatile wood floor option such as engineered or LVP best…

Why Hire a Professional Wood Flooring Installer?
Why Hire A Wood Flooring Installer 800 533 Roberto

Why Hire A Wood Flooring Installer

Why should you hire a professional wood flooring installer? Especially when DIY is all the rage nowadays. It is true that typically do-it-yourself projects do save you a bit of money. However, some jobs just are not great for the average DIYer to take on. Wood floor installs are definitely NOT an average difficultly level…

Scratched Hardwoods
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Are You Plagued with Scratched Hardwoods?

So you just put a scratch in your hardwood floors and I know you are thinking, “Oh nooooo”!  But the reality is, it happens and it’s ok. In this blog we suggest one way that you the homeowner can “touch up” your own hardwood flooring and not have to call a professional. Scratched hardwoods are…

Wood Floor Sand and Finish Obstacle
Wood Floor Sand and Refinish Obstacles 637 800 Roberto

Wood Floor Sand and Refinish Obstacles

One of the main obstacles when installing hardwood flooring as well as throughout the refinishing process is definitely furniture. Prior to the Arrival of your Hardwood Floor Refinishers, Removing Furniture Completely is of the Upmost Importance. This includes anything that is not permanently affixed to the floor. Unless otherwise noted, we do not move furniture.…

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