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Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in the Triangle Area
Since 2006, Triangle Area homeowners have trusted Tri Point Flooring for quality hardwood floor services, such as hardwood refinishing. When you are ready to refinish hardwoods in your home, call us for a free in-home estimate. We serve Cary, Apex and the Raleigh area through a wide range of flooring services, including:

Hardwood refinishing
Hardwood Floor Installation
Pre-finished flooring
Dustless sanding
Buffing and recoating
Luxury vinyl plank flooring
Engineered hardwoods
Sanding and Refinishing of Hardwood Floors
The hardwood flooring professionals of Tri Point Flooring excel in sanding and refinishing solid and engineered hardwoods. Bona products are our preferred stains and oils. This quality line of flooring products create the perfect combination of stain colors and finishes to make your floors your home’s most important feature. We achieve perfect adhesion between coats and can promise a beautiful result every single time.

The field of stain color options for your floors is practically unlimited. The new Bona Craft Oil 2k is one of our favorite products because of its lower VOC, plant-based formula. This oil perfectly achieves a more natural or raw wood look with great penetration in one application. We can also apply multiple coats for the specific finish you want, even a modern, two-toned effect.
When Should I Refinish Hardwood Floors?
Many of our customers wonder, “When is the right time to refinish hardwood floors?” There are multiple tell-tale signs that you need floor refinishing. These signs include:

• More than 20 years since last sanding
• Visible nicks and scratches
• Polishing does not improve the finish
• Uneven coloring

Determining when your hardwood floors need refinishing usually comes down to how they look. Even if your floors are only five years old, if they have suffered extreme wear and tear from high traffic or have many nicks and scratches, consider updating them for an improved appearance. They can look like-new with Tri Point Flooring’s help.

Discoloration, scratches and other damage occur on all floors over time. If you have multiple pets or young children in your home, you likely have some damage. The same is true if your furniture moved across the floor, such as how kitchen chairs, sofas and barstools tend to leave marks.

Wanting to upgrade your home or prepare to sell it are the perfect times for having your floors refinished. It is even the right time to refinish hardwoods if you just want them look like new. Real hardwood floors endure being sanded and refinished up to eight times before you must replace them.
Do I Need Help Refinishing Hardwood Floors?
Unless you have experience in hardwood floor refinishing, you definitely want to leave this job to the professionals. Otherwise, you risk not getting the results you want. Even worse, you can irreparably damage your floors when using the electric sander. That will cost you a lot more money in the long run.

The professionals can also help you understand whether you need your whole floor refinished. Sometimes we can achieve like-new results by only refinishing high traffic areas. A process called screening removes only the top surface of the floor and not any wood. This enables the pros to apply a new polyurethane finish on floors that do not have severe damage or require a complete makeover.
Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Finishing the Floors
When we refinish hardwoods for you, you choose the stains you want to achieve a specific look. We help you through this process of stain selection to make it easier for you. Creatively applying our Bona Craft Oil 2k and other Bona hardwood stain products can achieve a more luxurious look than your floor’s past appearance. One such method is using a two-toned approach. You have a lot of flexibility in choosing your colors and finishes.

Of course, having professionals refinish your hardwoods for you means you receive expert guidance and support. Our pros help you understand the best methods for cleaning and maintaining your floors. After all, proper maintenance extends the life of the finish and beautiful appearance.
Preparing for Refinishing
Getting ready for refinishing work is easy. We just need you to ensure you have a 220-volt outlet from which we can operate our high-powered equipment. Most homes have these outlets behind their stove or electric dryer, if not elsewhere in the house.

The next step is removal of all of your furnishings and other belongings for the sanding and refinishing process. To start working on your floors, the rooms must be clear of these items. You also need to remove expensive art and other wall hangings, as well as valuable curtains or drapes. For bathroom floors, ensure you have a plumber reinstall floor hardware removed during the work process.

Today’s floor sanders cause less dust than the electric sanders of the past. We use Bona and Clarke Dust Containment Vacuums for the lowest amount of dust. If you want, you may hang plastic barriers in the doorways of rooms in which we will work, to contain any excess dust. If we hang these barriers for you, there is an additional charge.

For areas you want refinished, we must sand all of the floors at once. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee consistency in the stain color.

For the easiest process, you should consider being away from the home during our work. At least make arrangements to be well beyond the refinishing area, as the sanding phase is quite dusty. You cannot walk on newly stained or finished floors until they are fully dry. Expect the entire job to take between three and five days.
Hardwood Floor Refinishing Experts You Can Trust
At Tri Point Flooring, we enjoy helping local residents achieve the gorgeous floors they want. We refinish hardwoods throughout the Triangle Area and look forward to having you join our family of satisfied customers. Call us today at (919) 771-7542 for a free in-home estimate.
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