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Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

Serving Cary, Apex, Raleigh, & Nearby NC Cities

Tri Point Flooring in Cary, North Carolina has provided Raleigh-area customers with quality installation of hardwood flooring since 2006. Our customers know us for having the best selection of red oak, white oak and maple site-finished hardwoods. Whichever wood or style you choose for your solid hardwood floors, our quick and professional installers will make you feel like part of our family. We also install engineered hardwoods and luxury vinyl plank flooring, too.

Your options for wood flooring can seem endless. If you feel overwhelmed by the types of flooring, stain colors, finishes, styles and species available for your home or commercial property, you only have to ask for our help. We can help you choose the right options in solid hardwood, engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl plank flooring. Our caring professionals come to your home to understand the type of subfloor, square footage and quality your lifestyle demands. We are happy to measure and provide a free quote on the same day.
We Know the Latest Trends
The last thing you want is to install a new floor that will not stand the tests of time. All of the floors we offer provide durability. But we also stay on top of the latest design trends, to help you achieve a timely, stylish and updated look for your home or commercial space. Instead of worrying about being behind the last design curve, with our insights and help, you can increase your property value while getting ahead of the next big trend.

Some of the current trends for hardwood floors include:

• Wide planks up to 7 1/2″
• Oaks with white or grey washes
• Mullican Mount Castle wide planks
• Armstrong TimberBrushed wide planks
• Armstrong TimberCuts wide planks

Site-Finished Hardwood Floors 

Multiple Species of Wood

If you want your hardwood floors finished on-site instead of by the manufacturer, Tri Point Flooring offers our Raleigh area customers a variety of unfinished flooring options. These include:

• Red oak
• White oak
• Walnut
• Maple
• Brazilian cherry
• Pine

Despite initial inconvenience as part of the finishing process, site-finished flooring offers many benefits. These floors do not feature beveled edges. This means you do not have those edges collecting dirt or dust. Sanding as part of installation also smooths the surface and eliminates all height differences between boards. For site-finished flooring, you also have unlimited options in wood species, colors and finishes.

Subfloor Preparation for Install

Not all subflooring provides a suitable foundation for solid hardwood floors. For example, particle board does not hold nails well and causes hardwoods to loosen and shift. If your subfloor has particle board, we can remove this layer and install more plywood for structural integrity and decades of stability.

We install all wood flooring according to the National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) specifications. This includes ensuring a 3/4-inch minimum subfloor when joists are 16 inches on-center. Although removing particle board and adding plywood increases the cost of your solid wood flooring, this service is key for ensuring the stability of your new floors.

As an alternative, you can choose engineered hardwood flooring or floating luxury vinyl planks to work with your present particle board subfloor. This can save you thousands of dollars and certainly depends on your floor design goals.

Clearing Floors for Hardwood Flooring Installation

One of the biggest steps in your new floor installation is removal of all of your existing furniture and belongings from the spaces in which we will work. Unfortunately, this is a requirement before our installers arrive for the pre-set appointment. By doing this, you enable us to get to work immediately and finish your job efficiently.

We understand that some pieces of furniture are particularly heavy or cumbersome. Our installers cannot move all of your furnishings, but we can help with one or two pieces. Another option is moving furniture around our installation work, shifting it from room to room instead of outside of the house or commercial space. We must advise that furniture moving can delay installation and our projected completion date. Additional costs can apply for second floor installations.

In-Home Estimates and Easy Hardwood Flooring Installation

For customers living in the Raleigh area, including Cary, Apex and surrounding communities, Tri Point Flooring offers a free in-home estimate for installation of hardwood floors. Our dedicated and experienced crews work with flooring purchased through us or on your own. We are also pleased to offer maintenance tips, such as about the importance of regulating the temperature and humidity levels. Call Tri Point Flooring today at (919) 771-7542 to set up your in-home estimate for Hardwood Flooring Installation.
Hardwood Flooring Installation
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