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3 On-Trend Wood Flooring Textures for Your Raleigh Home

July 11, 2021

You have many options available to you, when looking for quality wood flooring for your Raleigh, Cary or Apex, NC area home. In fact, Tri Point Flooring's online store offers some of our most popular options. These options include the latest designs, finishes, colors and textures.

  • Hand-scraped wood flooring
  • Wire-brushed wood flooring
  • Distressed wood flooring


Hand-scraped hardwood floors provide instant appeal unique to this popular texture. Hand-scraping makes your new floors look weathered, perfect for a rustic, country or historical design scheme. Despite the slightly worn appearance, these floors will remain highly stylish for decades to come. They feature knots, exposed wood grain and scrapes to give the appearance of a lengthy history in your home. Still, your floors will look custom, upscale and authentic.

A wide range of homeowners choose the hand-scraped flooring look today. This trend is popular for new construction homes, as much as they catch the eyes of established homeowners seeking new flooring options. Regardless of where your home lies on the spectrum of young or old, hand-scraped wood flooring is sure to add aesthetic value and an enduring return on your investment. Frankly, these designs appear expensive and will remain in-demand among home buyers for many years to come.


As with hand-scraping, wire-brushing also provides a weathered appearance and more texture than smooth hardwoods. If you want wood flooring with more character, yet a beautifully finished appearance, wire-brushed hardwoods are a great fit.

Like hand-scraped and distressed flooring, wire-brushed offers rustic appeal and unique character. But these planks are slightly more subdued than the other two options. Distressed and hand-scraped finishes lean more toward the trend of imperfections and well-worn character. Still, wire-brushed woods will continue in popularity for another seven to 10 years.


Distressed wood flooring is a third option when you want the old world character of historic hardwoods. With distressed hardwood floors, your entire home appears warmer and cozier. With this finish option, you can expect visitors and guests to ask if you repurposed your planks from an older property, a very popular feature among homebuyers today. Distressed woods provide instant design appeal for your home, particularly when used on the floors.

You can expect distressed floors to remain popular among interior designers and homebuyers for many years to come. Younger homebuyers, in particular, love this design aesthetic and seek it out when looking for their next property. Although it is a popular look, it is not as widely saturated on the market as wire-brushed or hand-scraped wood flooring. This means your home will have some instant credibility for "those floors" when compared to other available properties.

Call Tri Point Flooring for Raleigh, NC Hand-Scraped, Wire-Brushed and Distressed Wood Flooring

Explore more of these hot trends for your wood flooring project with the help of your hardwood flooring pros at Tri Point Flooring in Raleigh, Cary and Apex, NC. Call Tri Point Flooring at (919) 771-7542 for a consultation and more information.

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