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Tri-Point Flooring excels in the installation and refinishing of hardwood floors as well as sanding and refinishing.

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Providing Quality Resurfacing & Refinishing

Tri-Point Flooring: The Reliable Provider of Hardwood Flooring for Modern Homes

Tri-Point Flooring excels in the installation and refinishing of hardwood floors as well as sanding and refinishing. We employ only the most competent and highly-skilled professional installers. Visit our showroom at 100-C, Woodwinds Industrial C, Cary, NC 27511 and take a look at hundreds of solid and engineered hardwood varieties. Choose from our pre-finished varieties like Armstrong, Bruce, Mirage, Mullican, Triangulo, and 30 colors of Bona Dri-Fast Stain.

Tri-Point Flooring has operated in North Carolina for more than ten years with more than 100 positive online customer reviews. As a Bona-Certified Craftsman and active member of the NWFA, we provided one-year craftsmanship warranty and two-year finish warrant on all our hardwood projects.

Deep Cleaning Hardwood

We can bring back the original look of your hardwood floor and get rid of dirt particularly in high-traffic areas. Tri-Point Flooring makes use of Bona’s pioneering deep-cleaning method acknowledged as the fastest and safest mode of eliminating filth and accumulated dust on hardwood floors. We also use the power-scrubber equipment along with the thick clean solution of Bona.

Floor Maintenance Tips

More natural cleaning emanates from common stains and finishes. Efficient maintenance entails more than the hardwood floor cleaning kit of Bona. Try the spongy–bristle vacuum for floors with slanting surface and automatic spray mop or pad made of microfiber with a spray bottle. For preventive maintenance, we propose the following steps:

  • Refrain from using tile or vinyl care products for hardwood floors.
  • Use throw rugs outside and inside doorways to prevent dragging fragments or dust into the wooden floor.
  • Do not use wet mops. Water can damage wood or blur the polish.
  • Wipe spills right away using a damp towel.

Tri-Point Flooring takes pride in its pre-finished and site-completed hardwood. We cater to residents of Apex, Cary, and Raleigh in North Carolina. Our technicians will install and remove hardwood flooring skillfully and a hundred percent perfectly. Don’t attempt to fix the hardwood since the results may turn out harmful and lead to a waste of time and money. Leave the challenging work to our expert installers. Once our team finishes the installation, we will remove all debris and leave your abode clean and beautiful.

For more information about the company and different services we offer to households and commercial establishments, call us at (919) 355-9388 during business hours for a free estimate. You may also send us an email at

To Shine? or Not To Shine? That’s The Question.

How Shiny do I want my hardwood floors? This is a very common question most homeowners ask. We suggest tailoring your shine according to the amount of activity in your home. For example, if you have a very active house with children and pets we recommend either an extra matte or satin finish. This will help reflect less light thus showing less. If your home is not as active and you want some shine but not too much Semi-Gloss is a perfect choice for you. My personal favorite is Satin.

Whether you have a need for extra matte, satin or simply just want a glossy and shiny floor we have a sheen just for you.