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Bruce Manchester Plank

Bruce Manchester Plank


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Manchester Plank


Solid Hardwood






3 1/4"


Red Oak

Finish Warranty

35 Years


Like all of the Bruce solid hardwood floors sold on, the Bruce Manchester Plank provides the wood species, color and finish options you want for selection of your dream hardwood flooring. The Manchester Plank offers a traditional hardwood surface texture with a slightly softer hardness appeal. Together with the inviting color options in beautifully-grained Red Oak, these attributes combine to create a warm foundational surface for your chosen décor.

However, Bruce does not stop with beauty when manufacturing the highest quality of solid hardwood flooring. From your Bruce Manchester Plank purchase, you can expect resilient flooring constructed with micro edges and square ends for seamless installation. Standard plank width is 3-1/4” with a thickness of ¾”.

Installation is ideally performed at or above grade by an experienced do-it-yourselfer or a professional installer from Tri Point Flooring. This installation involves use of mechanical staples, cleats or nails for fastening to the subfloor.

Available colors for Bruce Manchester Plank solid hardwood floors vary according to your selection of High Gloss or Low Gloss Finish. The Red Oak High Gloss collection includes Butterscotch, Cherry, Gunstock and Saddle. Available in Red Oak Low Gloss are Aged Sherry, Earl Gray, Extra Spice, Natural and Royal Ginger. Each of these color choices and High Gloss or Low Gloss Dura-Luster Plus Urethane finishes offer the brand’s 35-year finish warranty.

To choose your optimum Bruce Manchester Plank solid hardwood flooring, select your ideal color from the color selection panel. Or, you can first choose your preferred High Gloss or Low Gloss finish to narrow the field of color options according to that level of shine. Every color and finish offered as part of the Bruce Manchester Plank collection is expertly crafted by skilled workers in the USA.

About Bruce Flooring

Bruce is a multi-generational brand that has endured through more than a century of quality craftsmanship and production of the highest grade of solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring. The Bruce reputation for excellence also endures alongside its legacy, thanks largely to sustainable sourcing of the most beautiful woods from the revered Appalachian Mountains. In these mountains are wood species that offer unparalleled attributes of visible grain, color consistency and enduring stability. Along with sourcing of American hardwoods, the brand produces its products in six plants throughout the United States. Bruce employs skilled craftspeople who take pride in ensuring board-to-board quality, top-notch customer service and brand integrity.

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