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Acrylic Filler

Acrylic Filler


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Even the most meticulously cared-for hardwood flooring experiences damage over time. This damage can range from slight scratches and holes to more visible gouges. With the professionals of Tri Point Flooring on your side, you never have to worry about the condition of your hardwoods and how you can restore them to their original beauty. But in between refinishing work, sometimes you need to make slight repairs from simple everyday wear and tear. This is where Armstrong Acrylic Wood Filler comes in handy.

Armstrong Acrylic Wood Filler by Armstrong Flooring, Inc., is ideal for repairing the small scratches, holes and gouges inherent to daily-use hardwood flooring. Available from in the standard 3.5 ounce tube, this Acrylic Wood Filler repairs laminate, solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring. It works equally well for residential and commercial environments.

Available in a wide range of colors, you can easily find the right shade for appropriate color compatibility with your indoor floor finish. The shrink-resistant and fade-resistant product fills unsightly damaged areas in seconds and dries within four hours. Use one coat or combine coats for your specific coverage needs.

The ability to fill chips, cracks or gouges in hardwood or wood laminate flooring can help you stay one step ahead of the marks caused by regular wear or even heavy foot traffic. Using the Armstrong Acrylic Wood Filler can conceal blemishes to avoid unnecessary and more costly plank replacement.
Armstrong Acrylic Wood Filler from is sold in a 3.5 ounce tube with packaging measuring 1.25” x 6.5” x 1.5”. Store the product at room temperature under 90 degrees Fahrenheit and avoid freezing.

Simple Hardwood Flooring and Wood Laminate Flooring Repair Using Armstrong Acrylic Wood Filler

Using Armstrong Acrylic Wood Filler to repair cracks, chips or gouges in your hardwood or wood laminate flooring is easy. Simply follow the quick steps, below:

Step 1
Using a cloth dampened with all-purpose floor cleaner and water, clean the area of the hardwood floor that you wish to repair. Rinse the area with a second wet cloth to remove soap but leaving the floor moistened.

Step 2
Apply a small squeeze of Armstrong Acrylic Wood Filler from onto the damaged area of your floor. Use a dampened cloth or your finger to smooth the filler within and over the damaged area. Do not apply more than ¼” deep of filler at a time. For deeper gouges or cracks, apply multiple layers after allowing each layer to dry for four hours.

Step 3
Before it dries, wipe away excess filler with a damp cloth. If filler has dried, remove excess by dampening it with a mineral spirit-moistened cloth. After applying the mineral spirits, wait five minutes. The excess should then wipe away with the cloth.

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