Mirage Hardwood Floors

Mirage’s passion for hardwood flooring shows in their standard of quality. Hardwood flooring is both an investment and a vital part of the aesthetic of your décor. Every person in the Mirage team add a special touch to each aspect of the hardwood flooring. They treat it as if it were their own. Mirage prides in being a hardwood flooring brand that you can trust.

An Outstanding Brand With An Outstanding History!

Depending on the traffic inside or your home or business, you will want to choose the hardwood flooring accordingly. Young children and pets cause more wear and tear on your hardwood flooring, so your best bet would be to go with textured hardwood flooring or even color variation. Acordingly another excellent choice for hardwood flooring is a matte finish to better cover up any dents or scratches.

There are several types of hardwood flooring for you to choose from. Depending on the room that the hardwood flooring will be installed in also depends on the type you should choose. Moreover contingent on your requirements you can select from glueless engineered, engineered, and solid hardwood flooring. Finally you can also choose different colors and moldings as well.


Easy Installation

No matter which type of hardwood flooring you choose, we will be happy to install them for you with our dedicated hardwood installation crew. Additionally you may purchase your own hardwood flooring or purchase ours. Once your project is complete it is your responsibility to maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions constant. Excessive moisture will void any and all warranties. (ideal conditions range from 30% to 50% humidity.)

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Popular Collections

Admiration Collection

If you’re looking for a stylish unique atmosphere for your home or business, the Admiration Collection combines the colors of creativity with rich hardwood.

Exotic Collection

Environmentally friendly and highest standards of quality of wood along with its shade variations create an inviting and comfortable space in your home or business.

Alive Collection

Solid hardwood flooring appreciated for the pronounced color variation each plank offers. With several options of surface features, distinctive marks are prominent during changes in the environment.

Flair Collection

A look of oiled floors is recreated without the actual application of oil. The highly resistant finish brings to light the wood’s natural beauty while revealing its character and grain.

Sweet Memories Collection

For flooring with character, sweet memories collection uses unique brushing and staining. Characteristics such as cracks and knots provide a genuine facade.

Natural Collection

For a timeless appearance of classic purity in flooring, choose from natural colors with a smooth texture from maple, red oak, walnut, hickory, yellow birch, and white oak options.

Imagine Collection

The hand-crafted texture on the planks hides scuffs and marks making it extremely durable and emphasizes its red oak, hickory, or maple hardwood built to resist everyday life.
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