Hire a Hardwood Floor Professional

Hire a hardwood floor professional and leave the hard work of sanding wood floors to a certified professional.

I’ve heard and seen so many times where a homeowner or a handy man has tried to sand and refinish their own hardwood floors. Let me start by saying, Please Don’t. Your floor are expensive and need to be handled by a professional with the experience and equipment necessary to keep your floors looking great.

You most likely do not have the correct or all of the tools needed to pull it off. Even if you had all the necessary tools you still wouldn’t have our sanding technique or finesse. So many things can go wrong and you’ll just end up paying more in the long run. I highly recommend hiring a Bona Certified Contractor like Tri-Point Flooring. As the owner of Tri-Point Flooring I, Roberto have gone through many years of training and online testing to keep my knowledge of hardwood flooring above the competition. I truly have a passion for hardwood flooring and I have implemented this into our company culture and it shows when our crews arrive at your home. 

Hire a hardwood floor professional.  You will be glad you did!

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