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Dustless Sanding

The discovery of the electric sander in the 1920s made it possible for the hardwood floors to be leveled and sanded efficiently with improved quality. Since then a lot has changed. Better sanding machines are available now as well as dust containment equipment. These advanced technologies are what make dustless sanding possible. This means there are no more dust clouds in your home while we are refinishing your hardwood floors!  If you live in Cary, Apex, Raleigh or somewhere in between we would be happy to provide you with a free in home estimate to refinish your existing hardwood floors.

Dust Clouds are a thing of the past with our Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding

What is Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding?

Dustless sanding is where the floor is finished using a vacuum that ensures that 90% of dust is contained. This has become a favorite of most homeowners since it is more efficient and healthier than regular sanding. Besides requiring fewer cleanups, dustless sanding helps in the maintenance of indoor air quality. This is because the process leaves less sand compared to the one involved in sanding with a bag. With the right sanding system, about 90 percent of the dust is captured and contained before it gets to the air.

Dustless Sanding

Advantages of Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding

Dustless sanding is suitable for residents with dust sensitivities and asthma. It is also great when working with vulnerable groups like children or when serving in a rehabilitation facility or in a hospital. It is also convenient as it can help reduce finish problems usually caused by improperly removed dust before going to the next installation level.

The following is a summary of the benefits of dustless sanding:
A healthier and clean environment for the pets, homeowner, and workers
Uniform results achieved
The process is environmentally friendly
Takes less time for the homeowner to resume normal house duties
Equipment Used for Dustless Floor Sanding

There are several systems that contractors can use to create a dustless sanding floor. These include the complete dust management systems and self-contained dust control sanders. The machines commonly used in the process are Oneida Dust Deputy, Clarke RS-16 DC Buffer, and Lagler Trio.

The Oneida Dust Deputy is a cyclone-style separator hooked up to a vacuum. This system is more effective and efficient at capturing and filtering the dust produced during the process of sanding. This also helps maintain suction power of the vacuum. Clark RS-16 DC Buffer makes it possible to complete buffing without dust particles. It is hooked up to a vacuum to prevent dust that could pollute indoor air. Lagler Trio features incorporated dust control; thus, the process does not require an external vacuum with this system. It also has an in-built sensor suction that monitors the dust for disposal. A special dust seal that allows dust collection hose integrated into machine’s chassis picks up debris and dust. Fine dust is removed through the pleated filter as the heavier dust is swept into a self-contained bag that can easily be removed.

Most home and commercial property owners have discovered the benefits of dustless floor sanding. When it comes to finding the right hardwood floor contractor to do the job for you, look no further than Tri Point Flooring. We are well qualified and thoroughly experienced with all things wood flooring related. Be sure to check out many of our latest projects as we are constantly adding new photos of our work to our Tri Point Flooring Instagram.

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Dustless Sanding Equipment for Hardwood Flooring
Dustless Sanding Equipment for Hardwood Flooring
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