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You have many options available to you, when looking for quality wood flooring for your Raleigh, Cary or Apex, NC area home. In fact, Tri Point Flooring's online store offers some of our most popular options. These options include the latest designs, finishes, colors and textures.


Hand-scraped hardwood floors provide instant appeal unique to this popular texture. Hand-scraping makes your new floors look weathered, perfect for a rustic, country or historical design scheme. Despite the slightly worn appearance, these floors will remain highly stylish for decades to come. They feature knots, exposed wood grain and scrapes to give the appearance of a lengthy history in your home. Still, your floors will look custom, upscale and authentic.

A wide range of homeowners choose the hand-scraped flooring look today. This trend is popular for new construction homes, as much as they catch the eyes of established homeowners seeking new flooring options. Regardless of where your home lies on the spectrum of young or old, hand-scraped wood flooring is sure to add aesthetic value and an enduring return on your investment. Frankly, these designs appear expensive and will remain in-demand among home buyers for many years to come.


As with hand-scraping, wire-brushing also provides a weathered appearance and more texture than smooth hardwoods. If you want wood flooring with more character, yet a beautifully finished appearance, wire-brushed hardwoods are a great fit.

Like hand-scraped and distressed flooring, wire-brushed offers rustic appeal and unique character. But these planks are slightly more subdued than the other two options. Distressed and hand-scraped finishes lean more toward the trend of imperfections and well-worn character. Still, wire-brushed woods will continue in popularity for another seven to 10 years.


Distressed wood flooring is a third option when you want the old world character of historic hardwoods. With distressed hardwood floors, your entire home appears warmer and cozier. With this finish option, you can expect visitors and guests to ask if you repurposed your planks from an older property, a very popular feature among homebuyers today. Distressed woods provide instant design appeal for your home, particularly when used on the floors.

You can expect distressed floors to remain popular among interior designers and homebuyers for many years to come. Younger homebuyers, in particular, love this design aesthetic and seek it out when looking for their next property. Although it is a popular look, it is not as widely saturated on the market as wire-brushed or hand-scraped wood flooring. This means your home will have some instant credibility for "those floors" when compared to other available properties.

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Hardwood floors provide an instant upgrade to your home interior. These floors warm each room's appearance and provide upscale quality that enhance your home's resale value. But at the same time, having hardwoods where you once had carpeting can make a huge difference in how your home sounds. Yes, a room with hardwood floors is noisier. That is, unless you know how to decorate to quiet the room.

In a room with hardwood floors where you once had carpet, some new noises you might notice include:

Whatever you do in a room with hardwood floors, you will hear more noises. This increased volume comes from sound waves bouncing off of the hard surfaces such as the floors themselves and nearby cabinets, countertops, walls, ceilings and hard furniture. You need to interrupt these sound waves to quiet your room. Because your new floors added hardness, your next task to turn down the volume is to add more soft surfaces.

By adding textiles to your room with hardwood floors, you can break up the sound waves. In turn, you can enjoy greater quiet and serenity than you might expect. At the same time, you do not diminish your ability to hear conversations or your favorite television show. Instead, you enhance the sounds you want to hear while quieting the ones you need to filter out.

Below, we look at some specific ways to quiet a room with hardwood floors.

Windows and Walls

You can easily create an environment that absorbs unnecessary sounds in a room with hardwood floors. Start by adding pillows and chair cushions to seating. Place one or more woven area rugs on your new hardwood floors. 

Hang cloth draperies or curtains at each window to disrupt the sound waves. Using thick materials like tapestry, suede and velvet will work better for sound absorption than thin materials like linen, cotton or lace. It is also better to line your drapes with fabric for greater sound absorption. 

If you still have too much noise in a room with hardwood floors after the above enhancements, try adding fabric wall hangings. You can suspend a woven rug, quilt or tapestry to reduce the sound bouncing from the floors to the walls. 


It is best to use upholstered furniture in a room with hardwood floors. These types of pieces immediately reduce sound levels. Consider adding a comfy chair, ottoman, sofa or upholstered headboard. The best pieces for sound absorption are those wrapped in heavy fabrics like microfiber, velvet, corduroy or chenille. 

To the upholstered furniture, add throw pillows and blankets. If you have a metal, glass or wooden table in the room with hardwood floors, consider adding a tablecloth. 

Floor Treatments

If you are about to have your hardwood floors installed, ensure your flooring has a quality underlayment. This material provides cushioning to make standing and walking on the floors more comfortable. At the same time, the underlayment can reduce atmospheric noise in a room with hardwood floors.

Once you have had your hardwoods for awhile, you might notice a squeaky floorboard here and there. These squeaks typically occur after the boards have had time to settle and one rubs against an adjacent board. Have your flooring professional fix these squeaks as desired to keep the room quiet and peaceful.

Other Tips for Quieting a Room with Hardwood Floors

Having a room with hardwood floors where you once had carpeting can mean making some slight lifestyle changes for noise reduction. For example, you may wish to invest in some soft-soled slippers to reduce the sound of shoes on your floors. Or, simply embrace how great hardwood feels on bare feet by kicking off your shoes when indoors. 
Also keep your pets' toenails clipped to reduce their traffic noise. 

Benefits of Having a Room with Hardwood Floors

Despite the potential noise associated with having a room with hardwood floors, this flooring provides so many benefits. Benefits of having hardwood flooring include:

Yes, improved acoustics are one of the major benefits of having a room with hardwood floors. While you can also hear some atmospheric sounds you would rather avoid, you will enjoy hearing clearer conversations. With all of the other benefits hardwoods offer over other types of flooring, accepting some noise is a no-brainer. 

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How to Quiet a Room with Hardwood Floors

When is it time to replace hardwood floors? Hardwood floors increase the value of your home by providing beauty, durability, easy maintenance, and livability. These floors hold up very well to high traffic. But eventually, as for all things, your wood floors will see their end. When they do, it is time to look for a replacement.

replace hardwood floors

How do you know when to refinish and when it is time to replace hardwood floors? Below, Tri Point Flooring of Cary, North Carolina provides some tips for knowing when you need to replace hardwood floors in your home.

When you decide to replace your floors, your options at Tri Point Flooring include:

Your Floors Squeak and Creak

When you have hardwood floors, you can refinish them by buffing out scratches, nicks and dents. But you cannot make your hardwood floors quiet again through sanding and resealing after they develop squeaks and creaks. These noises are typically indicative of warped or contracted planks that rub against each other. The nails play a role in the noisemaking, too.

You will need to replace hardwood floors in your home if they are irritatingly noisy. That is, if you want to silence them. At the same time, you will probably need to replace the subfloor, too. Subflooring can contribute to the orchestration in your boards.

You Have Refinished Your Floors in the Past

You can only refinish hardwood floors so many times before you need to fully replace them. If you have had your floors sanded and resealed once or more in the past, you may not have enough wood to do this again. In these circumstances, you should replace hardwood floors in your home unless your local expert tells you they can endure another refinishing.

The Floors Play Host to Tiny Creatures

You should replace hardwood floors if they host an infestation of bugs, particularly termites. Otherwise, you risk dangerous problems because of how these creatures compromise wood's integrity. Keeping your infested hardwoods can also cause the termites to move to walls, ceilings and even your wood furnishings. Ants can also indicate you need to replace hardwood floors.

Your Floors Are Not Sound

Obviously, if your floors are not sound for holding weight, they have to go. You cannot risk anyone falling through your floors. This is a sure way to break bones and experience other injuries.

If you feel your floor planks individually moving beneath your feet, call your local hardwood flooring expert for help. They will assess the issue and determine whether your floor is still sound. If not, you probably need the subflooring replaced, too.

You must replace hardwood floors like this as moving boards prohibit sanding and refinishing. Without replacement, you will be on edge in walking across this area of your flooring. Also, where some boards and the subfloor is compromised, the rest of the floor is likely damaged, too.

How to Replace Hardwood Floors

Your floors are the largest surface in your home. You need these surfaces to be stable, sound and safe, as much as they are beautiful. Really, if your floors have the above types of damage, it is only a matter of time until you will need to replace them.

Learning whether you need to replace hardwood floors in your Wake County or Chatham County home is simple. Just call Tri Point Flooring for an in-home review and estimate. In some cases, hardwoods do well with refinishing. If that is what your floors need, Tri Point Flooring can provide beautiful results. If it is time to replace your hardwoods, we offer a broad range of solid hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and prefinished hardwoods to suit your décor and budget. Call us today at (919)771-7542.

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