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Well-maintained hardwood floors make your home appear warm and inviting. Hardwoods can look very modern, traditionally attractive or even historic, depending on their finish and condition. But when the finish becomes dull, buffing or sanding hardwood floors can make them look fresh again. You can choose to do the work yourself or call upon the experts for the most convenient, professional and hassle-free results.

When you want to improve the appearance of your hardwoods, you probably need to buff or sand them. By doing so, you can return them to their original glory. But whether you should be buffing or sanding hardwood floors in your home is the big question. 

Buffing and sanding hardwood floors are not the same thing. Both of these methods reduce the appearance of wear and tear on your wood floors. But they do so with different results.

Sanding Hardwood Flooring

Sanding hardwood floors involves using coarse sanding equipment. This process removes the finish and stain. At the same time, it smooths the wood by grinding it down. By sanding, you take off the sealer and surface shine along with color applied as part of past finishing.

The process starts by stripping the protective layers applied to the wood. After this, you continue sanding hardwood floors to remove flaws like nicks and scratches. This usually requires a drum floor sander rented from a home improvement store or the help of a professional floor refinisher.

There is no quick or single process for sanding hardwood floors. Most floors require multiple passes of the sander. With each of these passes, you must use progressively finer sandpaper. By doing so, you make the floors as smooth as possible. 

After sanding hardwood floors, you stain it. You can choose to use the same stain as before or a new color to update or change the look. Once the stain dries, you then apply a finish. Common finishes include lacquer, polyurethane, alternative oils or sealer. Having an expert do this work for you certainly provides the best results. 

Buffing Wood Floors

While sanding hardwood floors makes over the whole floor at once, buffing addresses small areas where needed. You can buff your hardwoods to remove small nicks or scratches. You can also buff it to improve shine and make the finish look fresh again. This saves you from having to go through the labor-intensive and multi-step process of sanding and refinishing.

To buff your floors, choose whether you wish to use a hand-buffing process or stand-behind machinery. Of course, you do not have to do this work yourself. You can have experts come to your home and provide the results you want without the DIY inconvenience.

Before buffing, you must ensure you thoroughly clean your wooden floors. If you skip this step, you risk getting dirt, pet hair, lint or dust permanently stuck in the polish. After cleaning the floors, hand buff the scratch by rubbing brass wool over it. Continue doing this until you no longer see the scratch, nick or other damage. 

After hand buffing flaws in the floor, apply the originally-used polish to the area. Use a terrycloth towel for this step and rub the polish onto the affected flooring. To match the shine of surrounding areas, rub the hardwood floor with a buffing pad.

If you want to buff your whole floor for a fresh shine and flawless appearance, you need a buffing machine. First remove wax polish, then thoroughly clean the floor. Once the floor dries, again use the buffing machine to add a new coat of polish. As with sanding hardwood floors, getting professional help always provides the best results without the hassles of doing it yourself.

Buffing or Sanding Hardwood Floors without the Hassle

Tri Point Flooring in Cary, Apex and Raleigh, North Carolina provides the area's best hardwood floor refinishing and installation. When your hardwoods look dull, damaged or dreary, you only have to call Tri Point Flooring for expert help. Schedule an in-person consultation or obtain a competitive quote for residential or commercial service throughout the Triangle Area by calling (919)771-7542.

You may have heard about hardwood floor dustless sanding, but what exactly is that?  Well, we are here to tell you! Dustless floor sanding is extremely useful for refinishing hardwood floors in your home without all the mess and air pollution! With this new technology, we are able to sand down and work on your floor right in your home!  This process traps the vast majority of the air contaminants and particles that you wouldn’t want to breathe.

Why Dustless Sanding For Hardwood Floors?

When a floor refinishing is done without dustless sanding, it can leave harmful particles, dust, and dirt in the air. The contaminated air is then distributed around the house through the air conditioning system.  When these particles are inhaled, they can make people in the house sick, as well as be visually unappealing once the contaminants in the air start to settle all around your home.  Also, it is worth pointing out that dustless sanding is by far the choice if you have pets, as the air particles are much more harmful to them than to humans.

Finally, dustless sanding allows for much quicker resumption of normal activities in the home. This is since the mess is out of the way much earlier.  You will be free to resume your normal daily activities much faster with dustless sanding than with the old traditional method.

Choosing the Right Flooring Company

Not every flooring company out there uses these techniques. So when you are considering which company to use for your floor refinishing, make sure to consider how important this clean air is to you.  If it is important, make sure the flooring company uses dustless sanding when they work on these types of jobs.  Tri Point Flooring is happy to refinish your floor, dustless sanding and all, for less than the competition. With over 500,000 square feet of flooring done annually, we have the experience and know-how to do your job better and more efficiently than any of our competitors! If you have any questions or are interested in booking a free consultation, just let us know!

So you just put a scratch in your hardwood floors and I know your thinking gosh darned. But the reality is, it happens and it's ok. Here is one way that you the homeowner can "touch up" your own hardwood floors and not have to call a professional. The tips below are just tips and may not always work but its worth a try. Scratched hardwoods are never fun but must be repaired to reflect a clean floor.

Stain Pens are your Friend.

Keep MinWax stain pens available. You do not need the exact same color, just a close match. Remember you are only trying to fix a scratch and not restaining your entire floor. So what do you do now? Simple. We take the stain pen and give it a shake like a spray can. Once shaken, you will simply rub the pen onto the scratch. The stain may not come out on 1st attempt if this is a new pen. However, once the stain does come out, let it sit in the scratch for a couple of minutes. After letting it sit for a few minutes you will take a cloth and gently wipe the area you just applied stain to. You should see that the scratch has absorbed the stain and now making the scratch less obvious. The scratch indentation may still be noticeable at certain angles but the white scratch should be gone now.

If this doesn't work we will be happy to look at it for you. Please send me a txt of your issue and we will try to resolve it for you. If you need help with your Scratched hardwoods call us today!

Things to Consider when Sanding your Hardwood

Obstacle - Furniture can Certainly be an Obstacle When Installing Hardwood & Also During the Refinishing Process

With regards to furniture, any and all items that touch the floor should be moved prior to us arriving to start the refinish process. Unless otherwise noted, we do not move furniture to avoid any risk of damaging your valuables. Some common areas that are forgotten about are your coat closet, pantry floor and first shelve of pantry.

When returning your furniture, attach felt pads to all your furniture. Using felt not only keeps the floor safe from scratches but felt also makes your furniture easy to slide out of the way to reach that outlet. Keeping felt pads clean or changing frequently will help reduce grit build up thus extending the life of our finish.  For area rugs we also recommend using felt. Felt for area rugs can be purchased in three or four foot rolls and cut down to size as needed. Do not use rubber as rubber can break down and stain your hardwood.

II. Appliances

Ok so by now your probably thinking, what am I going to do with the appliances, right? Well, the good news is, the dishwasher can stay in place. We do not need to remove the dishwasher in order to refinish your hardwood floors. We simply remove the front toe kick cover and sand behind there as much as we can. So that leaves the stove and the refrigerator. These two appliances aren't easy to move. If you are not able to move them yourself we are able to work around them most of the time depending on layout of kitchen and selected stain color. 

Please note, that for a perfect sand we will need appliances moved prior to our arrival. If you have a gas stove we recommend you Contact PSNC to disconnect and reconnect your gas stove. As a courtesy for you, assuming we are able that day to move the stove and fridge out, we will. However, we will not return them. Whoever does move your appliances back in, they should be careful not to roll or drag these appliances on the new hardwood floor. They should be lifted and set in placed and never rolled on the fresh polyurethane. 

III. Furry Loved Ones Are Great! But Please Remove This Obstacle Prior to Our Arrival

Although we love our pets, our pets need to be thought of as well when sanding and refinishing our hardwood floors for a couple of reasons. Mainly because we are dealing with wet product. Each coat of finish can take up to 4hrs for water and 12hrs for oil to dry. 

Choosing a superior water based finish like Bona Traffic HD finish is a great option for homes with medium to large pets. What used to be a full week cure time is now only 48hrs. Now our pets no longer have to stay in unfamiliar kennels for one week. Not to mention the kennel cough you risk attracting. Yuk!

IV. Stain Color - NOT an Obstacle so Long as Your Remember to Preselect Your Favorite 3 Colors You Want to Try Out on Your Floor First

One of the coolest parts of sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors is that you have the opportunity to change the color of your stain. As part of our process we ask that you preselect 3 stain colors from our STAIN CHART.

Simply email ([email protected]) your stain color selections and we will make sure to have them when we come to start sanding your floors. If you are planning to be away during the refinish process, we can do the stain samples before you leave for an extra cost. Otherwise, stain samples are put down on day 1 of the refinish process. 

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