Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Tri-Point Flooring offers you limitless options of hardwood flooring. You can choose from a vast variety of styles, colors, and species that will best fit your home and transform its aesthetic. Hardwood floors are highly esteemed for their durability and the allure they add to any room.

The Different Types of Wood Flooring

A single solid piece of wood is considered solid hardwood. Something you want to keep in mind, is that to attain the most durable kind of hardwood, you have to know where it’s sourced from. Being that hardwood can vary in quality, you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. At Tri-Point Flooring we offer solid hardwood floors which are domestically sourced in the United States. Most of our hardwoods feature prized Appalachian lumber which is highly regarded for its consistency in color, stability, tightly refined grain, as well as smooth and consistent installation.

Another great hardwood flooring option is engineered wood. Engineered wood flooring is made up of several layers off wood and is topped off with a layer of 100% natural wood. The layers under the top hardwood layer are pressed together creating a very stable core. The benefit to engineered wood flooring is that it can be installed in places where hardwood floor installation isn’t even an option. The ideal places to install engineered wood floors is over concrete, over radiant heating systems, and in basements.

Easy Installation

No matter which type of hardwood flooring you choose, we will be happy to install them for you with our dedicated hardwood installation crew. You may purchase your own hardwood flooring or purchase ours. Once your project is complete it is your responsibility to maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions constant. Excessive moisture will void any and all warranties. (ideal conditions range from 30% to 50% humidity.)

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Popular Collections

Paragon Diamond 10

You can see and feel the solid majesty of Appalachian hardwood. Diamond 10 allows you to fully enjoy Paragon flooring full throttle with its scratch resistance.

Appalachian Ridge

The warmth of this hardwood is elevated and shows off its extraordinary qualities. This beautifully harvested and crafted wood is highly durable and perfect for high traffic areas.

Woodland Relics

The essence of reclaimed and weathered wood is captured on each board. Wire brushing and distressing the hardwood adds authenticity with a mix of Birch, Oak, and Hickory.

Artisan Collective

A combination of several finishing techniques creates a multi-dimensional work of art and its wide planks showcase its hardwood beauty creating a stellar trendy look for your home.


For a rustic and authentic look, Timbercuts is the perfect hardwood for your home. With distinctive marks and knots, each board is entirely one of a kind.

Scrapped Rural Living

A rustic elegant look from aggressive hand-crafted scrapes on distressed hardwood and hand-beveled edges. Half inch thick and five-inch-wide planks cause an expansive appeal and is highly durable.

American Scrape

A stunning vintage hand-scraped plank with several options of rich colors. It’s suitable for glue down, staple down, or floating installation of 5-inch-wide hickory planks made in the USA.

Prime Harvest

Enhance the appearance of any room with the 5-inch-wide planks of quality select grades of North American hardwoods in a variety of stain colors.
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