Hardwood Stair Treads & Staircases

Is the carpet on your steps worn out? Tired of vacuuming your carpeted steps? The average homeowner does not vacuum there carpeted steps as often as we should. Simply because its not an easy chore to do, would you agree? Not to mention the dirt and germs that can be trapped underneath. This is why removing your carpet from your staircase and installing solid wood stair treads or steps is a very good upgrade to your home. Although wood stair treads are not cheap they will cut down on the amount of trapped allergens while adding true value to your home. Call Tri-Point Flooring of Cary, NC for a free estimate to install new hardwood steps or stair treads. We can stain match to your existing hardwood floors. If you have a prefabricated stair case, no problem. We can custom design your new stair case with new solid stair treads, wrought iron balusters and much more.

Each home is different therefore each stair case will be different. Stair cases can be tricky if you do not have the proper tools and experience. We do not recommend you trying this yourself. Please hire a professional. Not only are there hundreds of different parts but we must ensure installs meet all general contracting codes and specifications.