TRIÂNGULO hardwood flooring abides by the guidelines of “Man and nature in harmony”. They specialize in full comprehension of the characteristics of wood. Wood has been the utmost important building material in the history of humanity.

Responsible Hardwood Flooring

Throughout the years the demand for hardwood flooring has increased dramatically. New technologies have provided a rational use of wood for hardwood flooring and have opened the doors to the everlasting development of hardwood flooring products as well as forest protection. The planting of different species allows for the vast array of purposes and use in hardwood flooring.

TRIÂNGULO keeps this objective in high regard and maintains accountable production of wood. Their manufacturing of hardwood flooring involves technology that reduces waste and consumption. Responsible care is a top priority for TRIÂNGULO, and they invest significantly in the preservation of their native reserves. Their use is highly selective meaning they only use the trees that have been moved from adulthood to old age. Also, in consideration that when at least 70% has reduced the absorption of carbon dioxide from the air.

Easy Installation

No matter which type of hardwood flooring you choose, we will be happy to install them for you with our dedicated hardwood installation crew. You may purchase your own hardwood flooring or purchase ours. Once your project is complete it is your responsibility to maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions constant. Excessive moisture will void any and all warranties. (ideal conditions range from 30% to 50% humidity.)

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