Bona Dri-Fast Stain Color Options:

Welcome to our Bona Dri-Fast Stain Selection page. We have uploaded the official Bona stain chart below.  These stains are oil based and are pre-mixed from Bona. During the Refinish process you will have the option to change the color of your hardwood Floor. Bona has broken down the stain colors into four categories making your Stain experience much easier. Metropolitan, Essentials, Classic and Naturals Collections are in order of difficulty and prices will vary depending on the stain color group you choose. All Bona Dri-Fast Stin colors can be mixed and blended creating a unique stain color every time. If you would like to see hardwood stain samples on both red and white oak in person, you may visit our 2,000sf hardwood floor showroom in Cary, NC. Given we are chosen to be your contractor you will have the option to pre-select three stain colors. On day 1 of sanding we will apply all three stain colors you preselected on your home under your true lighting. From experience this is the best way to choose a stain color before committing to staining the entire floor.

For more active homes or commercial settings we recommend our 5 coat Sanding & Refinishing package with either Bona Mega HD or Bona Traffic HD. This additional coat is an additional cost but is worth the extra protection on your floor. This process will also add an additional work day.